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Hi people:

Some friends and I are planning to backpack in Spain. It is the first time we visit this country and we are looking for nice weather, beautiful cities, town... beaches... having fun.

The cities we have in mind are: Malaga, Ibiza, Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid. What do you think?? Are they very far from each other..

Also, we would like some information about economic accomodation in each city..

Thanks a lot.

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Hello there:

I haven’t gone to Málaga, but visited several times the other 4 cities.. which are the most important in Spain.

Ok.. the tour you plan to do depends on where do you arrive and leave... I will assume you arrive to Madrid and also leave from there.
In Madrid I can recommend you Metropol Hostel. This place is very well located (Gran Vía with Montera Street), It is really near the center, 5 minutes walking from “La Plaza del Sol”, lots of restaurants, Plaza Reial,, like 15 minutes far from the Royal Castle, etc... Also, you have a bus and subway station just in front of it. If yoy want more information of bars and restaurants tell me.

In Valencia, I stayed at the “Las Arenas Youth Hostel”.. we spend few time here,, but the place is fairly nice. The most important things to see are in the center.. apart from that.. they have a beautiful Museum-Aquarium internationally recongnized. Don’t miss it.. and have paella (I didn’t know Valencia created this dish)

In Barcelona... we stayed at Gothic Point Hostel.. basically because the staff from Metropol recommended it (I guess it’s from the same chain). The place was nice, really near from the center, 5 minutes walking from Las Ramblas, The Cathedral, located in The Gothic Barri (el Borne).. There are a lot of restaurants, but near from main attractions...

I’m sorry, but in Ibiza we stayed with some we didn’t pay for any hotel... But some friends stayed at an appartment and it was economic.. I recommend you avoid taking cabs, they’re expensive.. you can take public transportation and it will take you the same time earning a lot of money.

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You should also try to go to San Sebastien. It's far off your course, but it's a beautiful seaside town in the North-West, by the French border. Great party town too! We stayed at the LoLo house, on the main street, and it was really chill.

As for Barcelona, it's a beautiful city! If you have to see just one thing, go to the Parc Guell. Beautiful mosaic pieces there. As for places to stay...I always badmouth this place but I have to warn you, the Ideal Youth hostel is less than ideal. It's in a prime location, but the staff was awful and mean, it was dirty and the street it was on smelled really bad (it had a specific smell, but we won't get into that). Okay, that's my one beware for Barcelona!

Katie ;)

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San Sebastian in the North-West? It is more correct to say it is in the North. And right it is 20 km far from the French border.

Regards, Aitor

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Can i sugest Seville! amazing city.

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Quoting aitor

San Sebastian in the North-West? It is more correct to say it is in the North.

Well, it is a little West of North anyways.

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Near this hostel, Santa Ana and Huertas are the nearest zonas! Head up Calle Victoria (I think - beside the Museo del Jamon) from Puerta del Sol and stop in the busy bars for tapas and drinks. Take a look at what people are eating/ drinking and point, if necessary. Many of the bars have a speciality, so don't miss out.

To sit down (very casual) try Maceira on Huertas. They'll probably have a queue so pop in before you're starving and put your name down. There's a place called Susana that looks great, but always has a queue around Calle Sevilla (head up San Jeronimo from Sol and take the first left, then the first right I think...).

There are also great tapas bars around La Latina - try El Almendro (earlyish) and again follow the crowd.

For trendy eating try calle Libertad (metro Opera - but a short walk really). There's a huge range of restaurants there. Bocaito for tapas and great raciones (best jamon I've EVER eaten); Extremedura (for BIG meat), Carmencita (I've never been, but it's always recommended) and I can't believe I don't remember the name, but there's a restaurant towards the end of the street with huge plate glass windows that's really great. The street leads on to Agusto Figueroa - the home of all great shoes! (just go before 2 on Saturday!) This area is called Chueca, it's the gay area, has a fab buzz and I really like it, but some people think it seedy, so if you're very nervous go for lunch not dinner - and don't miss the shoes...

For boozy lunch, I like Bellas Artes restaurant (metro Opera)- it's incredibly chic. Don't miss Casa Mingo for sunday lunch (roast chicken, cider, salad) - metro to Principe Pio then walk 10-15 minutes on Paseo de la Florida. This is an institution, and if you like people watching, it will be hard to leave.

I hope this information is helpful.

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