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Hello everybody,

I am soon embarking on a RTW trip. SE asia, OZ, NZ, US.

I am a big sports fan and want to see other sports that I wouldnt necessarily be able to see in the UK.

Any ideas? A few things that I would like to do, is cricket in OZ, be it ODI or test, I know we have cricket in England, but I think it would be a great day in the sun. Also I'd like to see a Thai boxing fight, hopefully also a baseball game in the US.

I know very little on acquiring the tickets for these, so if anybody has any info, or ideas on any other sports to go see, I am very interested

Cheers guys


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Interesting topic. Quite a few countries have national sports.

In Canada it would be:

Sumo Wrestling

Ping pong/Table tennis

Another suggestion would be to see the sports played on the street or by non-professionals. Here in Canada "street hockey" is played by kids and quite a few adults. You won't see that anywhere else in the world. Don't know where you'd find tickets. Mostly you just drive around the subburbs in the summer and you'll eventually find a game.

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Depending on your time frame, you may have be able to receive this guide before you leave:

100 Sporting Events You Must See Live

I received it from the publisher to review. As I say early on, I was hesitant as I'm not the biggest sports fan in the world. But, much to my surprise, it did have a lot of cool information. It wasn't just soccer, football, rugby, baseball, etc. Other reviews I have read about the guide say the same - it has a broad assortment of unexpected sporting events for various countries.

At the end of my review, there is a link to Amazon so you see what others have to say about. It has 12 comments - 10 giving it 5 stars and 2 giving it 4 stars. I'm working on the Kentucky Derby and the Indie 500 myself. (Someday.)

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Baseball in the US/Korea/Japan/Taiwan - all quite different in how the fans watch and react to the games
stick fighting in the philippines
Muy Thai in Thailand
Horse Racing in Hong Kong is a hoot, and It's really enjoyable (especially the big races with the dressed up crowds in Australia)

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

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Depending where you are in the US at certain times, if you can take in a NASCAR race you are in for a thrill. Think of it like a championship game in a stadium with a carnival going on outside the gates at the same time. It will give a very different perspective of the US.

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In Australia it really depends on the time of year you'll be around, and where you'll be.

If between March-October, I'd definately go to an Australian Rules Football (AFL) match, especially if you are in Melbourne (otherwise you might catch a game in Perth/Adelaide/Sydney/Brisbane, but people aren't as crazy about it in other states, although it has popularity in South and Western Australia). The states of New South Wales and Queensland on the other hand, are big on NRL (rugby league), which is also on at around this time of year.

As for summer (December-February) look for cricket as you said. The Boxing Day test (26th December) in Melbourne is probably the most renowned day of cricket. Subsequent tests should be held in the other major cities in the following weeks. One day games seem to be dwindling a bit - you might want to consider an international 20-20 match in the summer.

The Australian Open tennis grand slam is also held in Melbourne in mid-late January if you are into that. Tickets to any big matches will be expensive though.

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