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1. Posted by Aman (Full Member 59 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Welcome to india ...india is the oldest civilisation in the world hence india is the mother land of all world..... after analysing india you will see and feel like the whole world here.......spirituality, Yoga,Meditation - all anyone need in his lifetime.Also dont forget about the science and technology in india. Ayurved is the oldest medical science " Granth "- book in the world . and all treatment in ayurved have no side effects. Amazing !!!!!!! also look at IIT's and IIM's the best talent in the country. thats why even Bill Gates microsoft at US has about 30% of its employee from india and mostly from IIT. and with so much progress india's main strength is its beautigul and natural places . Some of the places are like just another "Heaven on earth". The great and mighty Himalayas , the sacred Ganga.....says all. Ganga's sacredness is even been proved by scientists from US, that ganga contain the "phages" which attact on any bacteria......research on phages has just started in US as its use in medicine..we here indians are quite used to it......india is not so small that i can write here all about it. rather my whole life is short to fully understand the essence of everything in india.

Well if some one wanna come to india to FEEL it then i can help by telling best places especially north india and about indian philosphy. well if some one want he can even live at our home , if someone find accomodation a problem or costly . But definitely everyone should visit India atleast once in his lifetime .........just say OM OM OM.......Thanx for reading - Aman

2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Now this is the kind of promotional post I can appreciate!! :)

Great reading there Aman, always good to hear people so enthusiastic about their home countries. You should add this post as a comment to the Desination India page (via DESTINATIONS at the top of your page), it would suit it well I think!

I will visit India at least once... I had an internship there but it was cancelled two weeks before leaving so I ended up in Australia instead. Not to fear though, some friends of mine have a study center in India and I plan to visit that and the rest of India in the next couple of years for sure!



3. Posted by Upadhyay (Budding Member 3 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

If you are looking forward to come to India do visit Varanasi ( Banaras )in Uttar Pradesh in Central India. Its a life time experience and heaven for those looking for candid,people,culture photography.


4. Posted by Aman (Full Member 59 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hi Sam ,

I will write more for other links also . and you are always welcome to india......there is so much to SEE, WATCH ,TRAVEL, ENJOY , BEAUTY , LOVE, FEEL, SENSE, THINK..... and many other aspects of human beings other then MONEY, WEALTH, which you see daily there in ur country , which will definitely touch your heart if you will try to understand it here.
but as i m new to this travel field ..rather this is my first site abt travellers and i like it very much hence i joined it to learn from you people.........

thanx......OM OM OM .........Aman

5. Posted by lostworld (Budding Member 13 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Aman, You forgot to mention the caste system, centuries of oppression, 60% poverty rate, 60% illiteracy, corruption, dowry killings, religious riots is a daily occurrence, raise in Hindu/Muslim fascism. I can go on but will stop.

India is definitely a great region with a wonderful history and people but there is also a dirty and often ignored side to it as well. If Indians can stop living in denial and do something about the evils that plague the society then Yes we can indeed claim to be a great nation.

6. Posted by Aman (Full Member 59 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

hey lost world ,

There is always 2 sides of the coin....it depends on you which side u are
looking at . Also every coountry has its strong and weak points .now if US has
problem of terrorism,unemployment, pollution, High Divorce rate , No moral values in
society, racism,Money matters more over relation, and a many more related to a
developed country then it is not that all have stopped going to US.......rather people
go there for its postive things like new technologies,research facilities,open culture,
nice people etc . similarly india is very rich in its heritage and its culture and spiritual
values.....and the whole world is learning these things from indians. Like u know
'Yoga; and 'Meditation' have now become so popular in medical sciene in US,Europe
that noone things that they are are started from india only. but millions and billions
people are getting benefit . now dont say me that india has some negative points
hence they will not follow yoga . IF your teacher who is teaching u math dont know
how to play crikcet then you canot blame him . u can learn good things from him and
leave the bad .
Also talking about india's negative things. In india as per latest census
illiteracy rate is less then 35% and not 60% , . and talking about poverty ...also look at
by how much rate india is growing, 2nd highest in the world after china , GDP is
growing at 7.2 % . India 's president Dr. Kalam has set 2020 to make india a
developed nation.
All indian are now working hard to make this dream a reality... I can answer you every
word by word but then it will become a book,and talking abt india . anyway take all
this in right spirit . JAI HIND.

[ Edit: try to keep it nice guys :-) ]

7. Posted by lostworld (Budding Member 13 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Aman, Have you ever been to the US! Anyway its not about comparing with the US or any other country. I know all about the good things I grew up in India.

Let me ask you to reply word for word to what happened in Godhra? Talking about IIM, what about the question paper leak?, the Telgi Scam. Dont compare it what happened some where else , we are talking about India. All your census numbers are wrong, the indian govt is an expert in eye wash. But yes I take everything you say in the right spirit.

8. Posted by Aman (Full Member 59 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Well Mr. Lost world , i wonder why your mentality is so much negative about ur mother country? This website is all about travellers information and promoting our country for them so that they can come here , enjoy and learn after visiting so many good places here . This website is not about discussing the negative points of any country. Also the tourists and travellors help the country to earn some dollar money which is good for the developing country like india which inturn spent on the development work here.
Inspite of being indian u r not promoting our country rather talking like u r pakistani and making all effort to count all negative point of india which i am sure in no way can affect the tourists love for this peace loving country . They are coming to india even 1000 yrs before when foreigners were invading our country to loot us. Chinese and others came to Nalanda to study thousands of years ago. Moguls and many others came to india to loot us and like nadir shah like looted heavily also . English and europeon came to india to sell their products and set up their empire and they got benifited emensely by trading with india. Now Bill Gates and many others companies are coming here to get benifit or india's scientific talent and also to sell their products. Indian middle class is 60 cr. more than the whole polulation of all eurupion countries. and the middle class can buy anything. Yes ofcourse we have some problems as u said but they are of no concern to the travellors . And some problem are even supported by pakistan like terrorism that is spreading distrust among different hindu and muslims living in india . but i m sure as india takled others problem in past it will tackle this also . and good thing is future is bright.
but again i want to say that this board is not to discuss bad things but good things. If u are so negative then u can make some other website .
But i make sure all travellors that the expereince they will have at India..they will not forget all their life . Ask Mr. Bill clinton.......recently he was on his visit to india and again he enjoyed his stay here.....teh fort at rajasthan, the great himalayas, the Taj - symbol of love ,...ans ask the discovery channel ...they cover major places on india and they will tell u how much beautiful and thought provoking india is?

9. Posted by Rach-a (Respected Member 368 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

I am planning to visit India in November 2004 and stay three months - have never visited the country before but I believe that some people can be narrow minded when it comes to visiting other countries. I am sure to keep an open mind and I hope to have the time of my life there. I then go on early 2005 to visit other parts of the world. Before I do that though - I would like to visit the ganges it looks beautiful and the lovely Taj Mahal which I believe has a very nice story behind it. If there are any other sites which I should know about then please let me know.



10. Posted by Upadhyay (Budding Member 3 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hi Rachael
Holy ganges & Taj Mahal are something u just can't effort to miss but there is lot more than....India is very big and diverse in every sense
may it be climate,landscape,vegetation,wildlife,people,culture,cuisine,handicraft,languages..
Being an Indian I haven't seen 1/3 of it.Still I can recommend a few
Taj Mahal in Agra
Fateh pur sekri naear Agra (great monuments)
Khajaraho....word famous temples with erotic sculptures
Varanisi....on the bank of Ganges...is a life time experience,just can't afford to miss.
Rajasthan,full of palaces,forts,beautiful architecture,colorful festivals.....luxurious heritage hotels,can go for a desert safari too.
want to se some Mountains and great landscapes...then go to Himanchal Pradesh,Uttranchal....I won't recommend Kashmir because of terrorism..otherwise it's heaven on earth.
Aurangabad....world famous Ajanta and Elora caves
In southern India you can see Golconda,Salarjung Museum in Hyderabad....known world wide for pearls and nizam,world richest man of his time.Maysore,and world famous temples of south.
Kerala,known for beautiful scenic beauty...extreme south of India
wann see some wildlife,birds....then go to Kaziranga for Rino, Gir forest for Tigers,Sundarbans for Lion,Bharatpur for birds.....
Delhi....capital of India
Bombay...the commercial capital of India
Calcutta...the cultural capital of India
...............................................................there is lot lot more
you need to stay here for rest of ur life to see all,it's more of experiencing then just seeing..

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