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I'm thinking about doing some volunteering in Bangladesh August time, I know that it's rainy season but will this really hamper any movement or trips whatsoever?!

I was in India at a similar time but it didn't really affect us so much so I'm unsure as to whether to commit or not.

Thanks for any help

Mim :)

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I travelled through Bangla in Sept 09 & only experienced 3 wet days in over a month, the real killer is the humidity... most places of interest are connected to Dhaka via raised roads, so you will be able to travel to those places usually taking no longer than 4-5 hours travel from Dhaka on modern coaches. The problems start when you try to use the smaller non-raised back roads, which can be flooded, locals will tell you if travel is possible. The other thing to check is the timing of Eid, as people will be travelling on mass, making it hard to book tickets & travel times longer...