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I am thinking about teaching in Korea for a year or so and I was wondering if anyone could suggest a "good" school in Seoul. I would like to live in a big city. I have had lots of friends who have went over there and some had great experiences while others had terrible experiences. Even some of those that had a good experience, had instances were the schools they worked for tried to scam them. Is it really difficult to find a good school work to work for? If anyone could suggest some good schools in Seoul and how to contact them, it would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks!


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I work in Korea as a teacher and so I can help you a bit. There are 2 types of schools, Hagwons and Public schools. Most people get a better deal with a public school. Apply through either EPIK or SMOE. I have been working in a Hagwon for 2 years and I really like it, but many people get a bad deal at Hagwons as they are privately run and are all about the money. It is fine to go through a recruiter as they get their money from the school not from you, so don't be put off if you want to easily get a job through a recruiter. Korea really is a love it or hate it type of place. Most people hate it because it is so different from the west. The people that love it are the more open people who don't care if there is a squat toilet or if the food is very spicey. Usually the people straight out of university who just want to party don't seem to like it much as they miss all heir home comforts. As long as you remember that this is the Far East and not the USA/UK then you will be fine. Good luck.