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Hi everybody,

Im new to this whole forum thing, but I was wondering if anyone out there could help me a little bit. Im doing a bit of a trip to Eastern Europe in September and was wanting to drive some of it. So im flying into Belarus, then to Ukraine. The part that I wanted to drive was from Poland (Warsaw) to Romania (Bucharest). Im really struggling to find a rental company who will let me do this, and am not sure if it is actually something you can do. If anyone knows how I would really appericate the help, thanks.

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I think it will be very difficult to find a company that would allow you to drop off the car in another country. It is possible in western europe, however you will have to pay a very high price to get the car delivered back to the original destination. Such companies would be like Hertz, Sixt, Budget, etc. But i don't think they will offer this service on the route you are planning. Local (polish) companies will probably be much cheaper, but surely you will have to return the car yourself. Probably the easiest way would be to make a circle and drive it back to Warsaw yourself.
If you rent a car, you will have to make sure that the company will allow you and doesn't charge extra for taking the vehicle abroad and for extra kilometers over 100km/day. Otherwise, it will be too expensive. So, at first glance - a quote that is higher may offer you a better price when you start reading the small prints. I would also recommend going to a local rental company than using the big ones. They are usually cheaper and not necessarily less favourable. Make sure you have sufficient insurance, including free service in case the car brakes down.
It might be difficult to find such company on google as most source is in Polish. Better to ask someone in Poland to help you.

The Charpatians (mountains) in Slovakia and Romania will offer you a splendid scenery. You can also drive back within EU, through Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic and back Poland. It would be a nice ride.

I am from Hungary, in case you want to rent a car from there, I used this company several times: http://www.acerent.hu/autok.php?t=szemelyautok
The prices indicated there are without VAT, so add another 25%. Conditions: no extra charge for kilometers, you can take it abroad, full insurance with free assistance service, 10% own cost in case of damage. They ask for a 30,000-100,000 HUF deposit.
You can find exchange rate on www.xe.com

One more thing: you will have to drive on the right hand side of the road... :)

Hope this helped. Good luck and have a nice journey!

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Thanks kichikacha

That was really useful, however I may be giving up on my dream of the whole roadtrip thing, I'll still keep my options open though. Maybe I will just catch a train, even then thats not the easiest thing to do, anyway thanks again.

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its probably cheaper to fly to whatever city Warsaw/bucharest and rent a car when you get there and drop it off @ the airport.

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Hi wheresluk,

I can only join lauren's idea. Wizzair and some other low cost airlines offer very reasonable fares within eastern europe. They fly to Romania, Ukraine and Poland too.
Taking trains is fairly straight forward and not necessarily difficult to buy ticket on spot. Bus networks are also good.

Don't give up on your trip thing.. :)

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Hi Wheresluk

I agree with Kichikacha and LaurenLolz. I think using WizzAir (or other airline - you can get some good deals!) to fly between the big centres will be much easier. And then using just buses/trains within each of the countries you visit. I have found crossing country borders by train a bit expensive and that is why I recommend just using buses/trains within the country itself.

I travelled through the Ukraine in 2009 and was advised not to drive there - the road conditions in some Eastern European countries aren't the best, though they are getting better - but the trains are very well set up in comparison. I ended up flying into Kiev and then using the train for travel within the Ukraine itself. It worked out well and was a great experience.

Good luck in your adventures!