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1. Posted by Reece Sanford (Travel Guru 1369 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

im planning my first gap year and still not sure on all the places i want to go to.nearly everyone goes to asia on a RTW trip and i would be grateful if you could give me some tips and information on travelling to asia and some ideas of which country to go to and why.

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I've loved everywhere I've been in Asia (Thailand, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia), but if you're travelling for a year then Thailand might be your best option as it's so cheap and therefore won't eat too much into your budget. Highlights for me have been hilltribe trekking in the North and also Koh Pha Ngan.

Japan is totally expensive but if you can afford it I'd try and visit there as well. If you do go to Japan I'd try to spend at least a few weeks there as it wasn't until after a couple of weeks that I totally realised how cool Japan is. Kyoto was probably my favourite city but I'd also recommend visiting Tokyo (obviously), Hiroshima, Aso-San (on Kyushu) and the Iya Valley (on Shikoku).

I really liked Singapore as well. Most people say 3 or 4 days is enough time in Singapore, but I was there for two weeks and found plenty to do. The Night Safari was probably my favourite but I also liked Sentosa Island and just walking round all the shops.

I was only in Malaysia to see the Grand Prix so I wasn't really there long enough to form a true opinion, but it seemed okay but not quite as cool as the rest of Asia.

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Hi, although I'm not quite there yet, we are travelling to India in february and from all reports it has been highly reccomended. In terms of diversity it is immense and although there are obviously the same tourist traps as everywhere else, there seems to be more scope for independent travelling perhaps - rahjastan in the north looks absolutely mental, beautiful and rather mind blowing. Then of course you've got the beaches and famous parties down in Goa. Time in the north would also allow you a good way into the Himalayas, Burmah and then Thailand (definitely should be on the list). We're planning on Cambodia and Vietnam aswell...India though seems to be one of those places that takes everyone aback - can't wait to get there, then you want to leave because it's such a shock, then when you leave you cant wait to go back! Happy travellin'

4. Posted by Reece Sanford (Travel Guru 1369 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

thank you both for the advice its very much appreciated.it always helps when people give you their opinion and give you some ideas as where to go.

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if you want to have cheap travel and fun , thrill adventure some lush green mountains (himachal pradesh )and blue beaches (south india goa kerala) ... come to INDIA
it has all
it is big country .. multilinguistic.. multicultural..and most diversyfied... many things too see .. specially khajuraho ( kamasutra temples )... do take time .... atleast 6 / 8 weeks
cheap as well .. friendly people ..
to be honest it do suffer from problems which all developing country suffer ... and that is the adventure..

avoid coming in april end , may and first two weeks of july .. it is hot may be humid in coastal area ...

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India is a very good idea, I went there on my Gap year and had a fantastic out of this world time!

as a first time gapper, Thailand is fairly 'safe' as a travel destination you will meet a mass of other people in your aituation, if you want to go a little off the beaten, then most wander up to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, but I would definately reccomend a forray into Malaysia!


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Going to Asia is one of the many places you should visit. Colonization to Cosmopolitan…
Its cheap, and despite the atrocities you heard about the different places, its really a great adventure place.

First up, Singapore. I must agree with Emmnett 70. Two weeks in SG is enough or a week. There’s lots of food here. And things are cheap, varies with diff. currencies. Just some places, they tend to tout our fellow foreigners. Don’t worry, its not so bad… Sentosa, Orchard, and Night Safari, gets overcrowded in the weekend. Because, it’s a small country... To get around, by bus or mrt is the best. It gets you everywhere. J

Similarly, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, its like Singapore. Just that’s its bigger.
Becareful when taking the taxis, they might rip you off.
You can take bus from Singapore to Johore Bahru or to KL or even to Thailand.
And some people go to Bal, Thailand, via Singapore flight, because it’s the cheapest…

Erm… I may suggest you Indonesia.
If you love volcanoes, landscapes… I’ve been to Medan, Sumatra.
I once visited my relatives in a village called Supirok, a primarily Muslim village/town.
But no worries, Villagers are usually warm and welcoming. So, it’s a ten hour trip by van. It goes up to the mountains. It’s situated very deep.
We went to the rice fields and coffee plantation of my family. There’s hot springs near the mountains as well…
One of the destinations is the Lake Toba, that it will pass by. Rent a car and a driver to get you there. It’s really beautiful.

The Java Island. Jakarta is another city like SG and KL. It’s just much cheaper. You can take the train to Bandung, Yogyakarta and maybe to even Bali. So much things to see along the way.

Not forgetting the Borneo region. More rugged region and places to go in Indo.

So, its a diverse region in Asia. India is a vast different place to visit. Followed by the Indochina, Central Asia, the East, and South East. Asia is a continent which hold many exotic cultures and places. Its worth your visit!

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In terms of planning a RTW Ticket: just take in Bangkok as one stop. You can go from there everywhere in Asia dead cheap, overland, or plane. When you buy a RTW Ticket try to keep the number of stops low. So it becomes cheaper. A year is not really a long time. So buying a 15 stop ticket makes no sense at all. You wont have time to do it all. Unless you are after citysightseeing around the world. Plan continents not countries. And don't forget it dosen't have to be the last time in you're life that you go on this adventure ride.