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Hey everyone

Heading to Auckland May 2011 planning to stay there awhile to get work and save money before travelling around. Anyone know how much money u wud need for a year?? Also anyone know how I could get a job with the rugby event happening! any info re jobs would be great


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I'm also heading to Auckland with a work visa in May. Have a look around this site for the Rugby. Not sure if it will help you find a job but last time I looked I remember they had some info on volunteering. Good luck!



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Hi carrie

thanks for the link. Its all exciting, what are your plans when u get to auckland? do u have any idea what money u will be taking?

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A good way to save money is to room share and also apply for jobs before you get to NZ. I found the whole job process took a little too long out here

- look at trademe.co.nz for jobs and apartments in advance

NZ is a great little country, sure you will have a good time. I came from England and found the cost for living quite similar. The only things that are more expensive are mobile phone and internet bills, electricity and milk!!!


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Annie - I'm just about to buy my tickets! I will most likely be flying in to Auckland May 12th. I plan to take a week or so to orient myself, then maybe do some WWOOFing/exploring for a few weeks. I want to settle in with a job by the second month, possibly in Wellington, but I'll see how it all goes as I've got no definite plans! A couple thousand US$ was recommended to take.

Dan - thanks for the advice! Are you still over there? Where did you end up finding a job? I had a similar situation when I worked in Scotland a few years ago - it took a while to actually find a job once I was over there. And the room share/flat share sounds great. Did you find it easy to find longer term accomodation?

I am dreading the increased cost of internet since I'll be keeping a blog while gone and using internet a lot!


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I'm also heading to Auckland with a WHV in May 2011

I have been researching the job market and there looks like there is quite a bit going on, trademe is an excellent website.

I have been networking with people on linkedin to find opportunities over there as well. There are quite a lot of recruitment companies and seams to be quite a lot of 3 - 6 month positions available.

I'm planning on staying in Auckland for max 6 months then travelling round the rest of the country when it warms up.

I was thinking about working on farms etc when going round the rest of the country.


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Hey Annie - found this link about jobs with the RWC - looks to be a job board type of site but maybe they have things related to the RWC.


Hi Andy! I had heard about the recruitment companies as a good way for travelers to get short term work. Good to know there seems to be a lot of opportunity! I also plan to explore around the North Island a little then settle in for a few months work, then head down to the South Island later on.


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carrie- thanks for the information it dont really mind what work i get. I have applied for some jobs in my field so awaiting feedback! Woofing wil be great really looking forward to doing that! yes wellington looks amazing- i plan to spend sometime in auckland. Though if not liking it i will move on! good luck with your planning and it would be good to keep in touch!

Dan- i will have to bring my cow from ireland hahah. I had been looking up sites re flat share and to me that seems the way forward! thanks for info re internet how much are we talking??

Andy-Thanks for linkedin site will look that up! I really would like to have some kind of work organised before I leave! for me i need to work as need the cash to then travel. There seems alot to do around auckland- great barrier reef being one on my list so i will busy! keep in touch!

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Hi Guys,

Carrie, Hello. Glad you have heard the rec companies do some good work, I did find some companies on the NZ immigration website, these were mainly the farm / agricultural positions and not roles in cities, however I have sent my CV to every agency and contacted the lead consultants on Linkedin. Got some Skype calls set up for next week, but nothing confirmed at this stage.

I'm defo going to do the Woofing; well it doesn't have to be organic farming, but I really want to be around at lambing season. As I want to feed the little lambs milk out of a giant bottle, ah.

Annie, Defo bring the cow!! do you seriously have one? I am keen to get a real feel for the business centre of NZ and how it all works. looked in to a couple of supermarket websites and nearly fell off my chair, however the exchange rate is looking quite good for the £'s at the moment, or are you on the old €?

Both: Are you guys going out there to meet people for the first few weeks? or are you just turning up and seeing how things go? I'm going out to meet some people who moved out there last year and am staying with them for a few weeks first. I have looked in to house sharing on trade me and they look quite good, however the one bedroom unit things look pretty good for a few months, they usually include wireless broadband.

Anyway, I think that is enough for one post.