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Accommodations in Barbados for families close to shopping, beaches and other attractions.Help!

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i didnt find barbados to be a place good for shopping. there are some duty free shops, but i find in the airports you ll find the same stuff anyways. In case you were talking abotu supermarkets, they are everywhere if you are in main places.
I'd assume south coast to be cheaper than west coast ... for everything. Lots of lush (and a bit more expensive) places to eat out on the west coast.
The beaches are nicer on the west coast tho (less waves & corals, more sandy), but you can easily get there with a reggae bus if you dont rent a car (BBD1.50 per fare)
as far as i remember you can catch a bus to almost anywhere from the bridgetown bus terminals.

in any case, make sure to take enough liquids with you, damn hot there. especially if you are with kids.

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how big is the family and when do you want to visit. I'd suggest having a look at www.barbados.org and seeing if any of the accommodations suit what you are looking for.. much will depend on your budget. West coast is more expensive but the south coast will be as well if you are looking at coming at Christmas.

Shopping is not one of those things that you need to do while here, but it does depend on what you are looking for.

There are many things to see and do while in Barbados.. from historical to site seeing, but again.. age of the family members may need to be considered. You would want to take a 2 year old on the Jeep Safari tours, but would want to go to Harrison's Cave.

The bus fare is not 2.00bbd/1.00usd regardless of the type of bus you are on. They will take you almost everywhere, but not everywhere.