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Some help required to spread the word about a rental company who have illegally taken money from my credit card account.

I rented a car in Antigua from a man called David Gomez from Renta Autos de Guatemala - 4ta Av. Norte No 6.

I had the car for 4 days and on return agreed that there was no damage and got my receipts back. Incredibly I checked my credit card bill and have seen that they've taken additional money from my account. They are claiming there were scratches on the car (that somehow they could see after it was cleaned - it was clean when I gave it back and I don't wear glasses!)

They are thieves and should be avoided at all costs - Please do not book with them as they could do the same thing to you. My credit card company will hopefully refund my money.

Any idea how I can shame their name, my blood is boiling as I type this. I love Guatemala but this must be stopped.

Many thanks,


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Thanks, Tarik, In the early 1990s I worked in hospitality industry in Antigua and I would always recommend to singles, couples, triples or groups of 4 to 5 persons to NEVER Rent a Car in Central America, however hire a local owner-driver-native guide by the day, pay in cash, no credit card mess and if the driver gets into an accident or scratches his own car, they are liable 100%, driver owners know their way around and will take you to great places where tourists do not go. Just amke sure your drivers vehicle is modern, clean and insured, there is a website called Localyte dot com, 190 countries, local guides and drivers, you may ask queations and negociate with them online before arrival, in travel destinations such as aAntigua there exist a few scammers, the majority of travel providers are honest hard working persons, you need to report the man at the Rent a Car company to INGUAT, Guatemalan Govt. Tourism Institute, in person if you still are in Guatemala, offices in Antigua or online if you have returned home INGUAT Guatemalan Instiute of Tourism
really all you are able to do besides contacting your credit card company.

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Tarik - I think by placing this post on this forum has done a bit of damage already. You are a 'Respected Member" so your word about this situation will not be taken lightly. You do have a history here. I know I and my co-moderator will not delete this thread.

Though I do not know how to help you any further than the way you have already approached the situation, I do hope your insurance company will refund your money over and above the contracted price.

I also hope that the rest of your trip and the wedding (it was a wedding, correct?) was a huge success!! ;)

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