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Hi all... first time traveller here im off in June.. YAY, purchased my ticket so know my route off to asia, oz, new zealand n fiji.

So thats the route planned, off to the docs shortly for jabs n maleria etc, etc....

Travel insurance done

Looking in to visa's at the mo...!!!

But I feel like im missing something, theres probably 101 things i should be doing but havent got a clue...

Any advice would be great, also if anyone been to the above places would love too here your experiences and must see places...

thanks all, look forward too hearing from you :):):)

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Sure You will have a nice trip!

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I think you're ready for trip, it will not be as complicated as it seems...

Recommend reading wikitravel's article on each country you are travelling to.
I guess by "asia" you mean south-east asia. Read relevant sections on "visas" and "scams".

Don't pack too much, you can always buy stuff for maybe just a fraction of the price you are paying at home. All you need to travel: passport, bankcard, jabs, insurance and an open mind... :)
(I actually met a guy who indeed didn't have anything else on him, and he was having his greatest time of his life...)

Let me know if you have any specific questions.

Happy travels!

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Travel light - there's no need to bring the kitchen sink with you. I don't even carry a guidebook any longer. Once I took a trip with 3 pairs of glasses, and spent a considerable amount of time looking for them!

I like to make lists of places I want to go, of useful phone numbers that I might need, etc. I'm one of the few who travels with no mobile phone, no laptop computer and very little cash. The debit card is a wonderful little piece of plastic, and the ATM is going to be your new friend.

Have a great trip.

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