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11. Posted by Lydz (Budding Member 5 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Yep that me!! ye it is nicer when u can properly chat and no who ur talkin to.

Thats pretty lucky having house in Phillippines, so you've got an idea of wot its like. Wish i cud save up 3k duno if i cud do that for sep tho, but working and traveling is def the way id have to do it I was only thinkin of going for 3 months to start but that s just coz im a scaredy cat and worry il miss home and run out of money, but i wud stay out there if things were all going good. I recon once your there u just dont wana cum back lol! How long do u wana spend in Thailand b4 oz? xxx

12. Posted by Katie1424 (Budding Member 69 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Ah good good!! :-)

Yeah I am lucky to have that house as it'd beautiful, you can prob see it in one of my albums but I've got my mums family there so it's not really travelling!!!
I was speaking to a friend the other day who left for oz with £500 so I wouldn't worry too much of your happy to work out there too!!! Yeah I'm the same about missing home but I think il be fine once there and never want to come back, ur only a flight away at the end of the day!!! Wouldn't mind maybe doing a month in thailand then onto oz to work and play :-) but I'm open to plans at the moment!! xx

13. Posted by Kirsty Mac (Budding Member 13 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

hey everyone, im another one for traveling alone...i recently split up from a long term relationship and just thought...lets do something for myself and go and travel like ive always dreamt of doing!!

glad to see other people are in the same boat as im soooo scared, especially for the flight, im from newcastle and gota fly via heathrow then singapoor eeeekkk!

im heading to cairns on april 24th, and see were i go from then, im deffinatly looking at working for my second year visa, so iff anyone's out there soon and in the area, send me a message, would be nice to find someone in the same boat haha

cannot wait for my aussi adventure to start, and have a fab 2 YEARS traveling the world and meeting loadsa people!

hope to see yas around :D


14. Posted by Katie1424 (Budding Member 69 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hey Kirsty,

I'm most deffo in the same boat just a few months behind you!! Long term relationship over and time i thought about myself whilst I still can :-)

Have you got any plans yet?? Hopefully we may pass by in the next two years!! Seeing as though your ahead of me and useful tips would be great!! I'm so happy so many people are doing the same and cannot wait to start meeting some amazing people and have the time of my life xx

15. Posted by jakerr (Budding Member 2 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Im heading to Thailand,oz in June on a whv on my own and I think most people do the same! Im just a bit worried about the travelling on my own so hopefully il meet someone around the same age as me

16. Posted by UltimateOz (Budding Member 5 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Hey guys,

I just read ur posts about travelling on your own and while it is great to travel with friends from back home, travelling on your own is often so much better because you have to make more of an effort to meet people.

While this can be a bit daunting at first, you will be surprised at how quickly you meet new people in Australia and also, how many new life-long, or even short-term but super fun, friends you meet too.

If you ever need to ask any questions, feel free to contact me or one of our crew at any time.


[ Edit: Sorry, no personal details please. ]

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