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Hey guys!hoping someone can offer some advice here!!!!!Ive done endless research into what visas I need, wheres best to obtain then, what problems may arrise ect... for my forthcoming trip around S.E Asia, however I keep getting different information!!!!Help!!!!!
Basically we are flying into Singapore, from there we will go by Ferry across to Malaysia, we are then travelling through Malaysia by train into Thailand.....I just need some basic, straightforward advice as to whether or not Visas can be simply obtained upon entering the border????we are then flying Bangkok to Bali. we are also considering a trip into Angkor, and Ive heard that visas can be quite a problem!!!!!Im so confused!!!!Your help is most appreciated!!!!!!!!!!

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If you are UK citizens, a visa from Singapore to Malaysia isn't a problem, they just stamp a 90 day visa in your passport on arrival. There are so many embassies in Kuala Lumpur so you would be able to get your Thai visa there, we got one for Vietnam in KL and it took 5days.

Unfortunately I have no idea about getting into Indonesia, but I've heard that Bangkok is a really good place to get visas for SE Asia, not been there yet so don't guarantee it.

Try looking on the UK Foreign Office website (can't rememeber the address but type it into Google and it will come up). I seem to remember that they gave details of what you need to do to get into each country.

Hope that helps?:)

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For Thailand, the visa will depend on your citizenship (your passport). Check this forum and the link I posted in there for further information:

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For Thailand you get given a 30 day visa at the border/customs, but if you're planning on staying for longer you can apply for a 60 day visa from the Thai Embassy at Hull for 25 pounds. When I went to Malaysia I also got a visa at the border, although I was only there for one day, so I can't remember how long it was valid for.

Never been to Cambodia but I've heard that there are a few scams at the border involving visas. People pester tourists (so I've heard) on the walk up to customs and try to get them to get their visa through them (charging a bit more than the standard price). But I don't think actually getting the visa is a problem, just that you can end up paying a little bit more than you need to.

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Hey, thanks guys,thats all a great help!!!Ill def check up on the embassy website!!!!thanks!!!