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Costs for Greek Island Hopping

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1. Posted by dave_h1987 (Budding Member 4 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

My girlfriend and I are planning on Greek Island hopping throughout the whole of June when we have finished University. My plan, not necesarilly hers, is to have a rther disorganised holiday where we don't have a specific structure for the month. Having said that I would love to gain the knowledge from people who have experience doing this. The things I would like to know are:

The best method of getting out there? Ie fly to athens then look to travel from there?
Is there an open air ticket available to buy as the plan is to travel until the money runs dry essentially.
What is the average cost of accomodation- We would like our own room each evening but are prepared to get overnight ferries to other islands if they exist?
What is the average amount of travelling time between the different islands?
Which are the best islands to visit and any other great money saving tips that would make the money stretch as far as possible on the requirements above?
The aim for me is to take each day as it comes and be able to enjoy ourselves and relax, not sticking to a rigid schedule. All information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


2. Posted by Frantic21 (Budding Member 4 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Dave,my name is George and Im greek.
Greece is an excellent place for holidays,june is a very good month,but you have to know that its hi season,most places are expensive,and betwwen you and me,the greek mentality is to make money as quickly as we can,so people will try benefit from june's tourists for whole summer.
first of all where are you from?? how old are you? what kind of fun are you looking for? are you looking for romantic places with your girlfriedn or party till next day's noon?

3. Posted by dave_h1987 (Budding Member 4 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hi George thanks for your response. I am a big fan of holidays in Greece and have been 3 times before to Corfu, Kos and Crete. The people are very friendly and the food in particular is amazing! I have been with my girlfriend just over a year now and it was in that time we went to Sidari in Corfu and loved it as well as seeing the sights of Corfu Town. It was this holiday that has inspired us to see more. We are looking for more of a romantic, sightseeing holiday, with some great food ofcourse as well. If we do get the opportunity to go to some more lively resorts as well though we would enjoy that I suppose we want a bit of everything that I know full well Greece can deliver!

We are from West Yorkshire in England aged 23 and 22. The most important thing for m is to get a feel of how much things are going to cost like accomodation and travel? From what I have read we should be able to find accomodation for about 20-30 euros a night between us and ferries cost between 8-12 euros each? Any info you can give me would be hugely appreciated though George.

Thanks very much or from my limited Greek Yamas!

4. Posted by luluandstone (Budding Member 21 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hi Dave,

My boyfriend and I did some island hopping in July last year and we loved it.
We went to Mykonos, Santorini and Ios.

In Mykonos we stayed at Paradise Beach Resort. It is located out of the main town on the main party beach. Every night there is a party of some kind - either on the beach or in the two clubs nearby. There are a few places to eat on the beach as well as an awesome bar. The beach is beautiful and the water so warm and clear. As for the accommodation - it is VERY limited and simple. We had a cabin with no air con and it was sooo hot. I would recommend booking ahead if you wanted to stay here so you could get an air conditioned cabin.
From Paradise Beach there is a bus into town all day and night or taxis aren’t too expensive. I had a friend who actually stayed in the town and they found that every night they were commuting to Paradise for the parties! We had an awesome time there!

Santorini was a beautiful island and very relaxing. We hired quad bikes for a few days and drove to secluded beaches and to Oia for the sunset.
There are also some great bars on this island but it didn’t seem to be as party orientated as the others. It was my favourite of the Greek islands because it was so relaxing.
If you go here you MUST see the sunset at Oia - absolutely beautiful! And i recommend going early and taking a picnic - that way you will get a good spot to sit before the crowd arrives. Here we stayed at Marcos Apartments - cheap and simple, right next to a nice beach and lots of cafes. Owner is fantastic as well!

Lastly we went to Ios. Ios is party party party! We stayed right near the town and walked out every night. There are SO many bars here with promoters out the front of each one trying to get you in with different deals of free drinks and shots. You can pretty much just move from place to place getting these offers and it works out so cheap! You must go to Slammer Bar and Flames if you end up in Ios. Please do not miss out on Slammer Bar - it is an experience to say the least!

We didn’t book accommodation far in advance, once we were in Mykonos we decided to go to Santorini next so only make the booking then. There are internet cafes everywhere so it is easy to do. As for ferries, we didn’t book these either and a couple of times we had to change our plans by a day or two but it wasn’t really an issue. This let us stay in an island for longer or leave early depending on what we felt.

Hope this helps a little


5. Posted by dave_h1987 (Budding Member 4 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hi, (Based on your post name I'm guessing it's Lulu?)

Sorry if that's not case! Thanks very much for that info that has given us a really good feel for what we can expect. What I was hoping that you might be able to answer is how much the accomodation was roughly? Was I right in my previous estimation in terms of the ferries?

Also you did 3 islands all of which it sounds like you gained a full experience from. How long did you go for in total? Would you have a recommendation on how long to spend on each island.

Also in terms of getting to the islands did you fly? If so is there an open return option that we are not aware of or did you book flights back to the uk when you were out there?

Thanks again Lulu


6. Posted by Frantic21 (Budding Member 4 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Dave, the accommondation costs may vary between 20 eurow per night for 2 persons to even 100 euros per night. its up to your requirements and the owner's needs,lol.
I can help you with the ferries fees and more if you give me examples of where you want to go. will you rent a car or a bike there?what kind of room?
I can make that calls and let you know,or provide you the right site an info to do it yourself.

7. Posted by dave_h1987 (Budding Member 4 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Haha well the 20 Euros per night between the 2 of us sounds more appealing. We are students just finishing our degrees so we are far from rich! In terms of of room as mentioned earlier we want a private double room, that doesn't have to be extremely glamorous as we don't plan on doing a great deal other than sleeping in it!

Due to financial restrictions we are not looking to rent a bike or car that will have to wait untill we are in a better position in terms of money. I have looked at the accomodation from this site that looks particularly good, the difficulty seems to be the connection from the UK and the return home. What are the best ways to get cheap flights? Are there open returns available to be used within a month?

The four islands we are very keen to visit are Ios, Santorini, Paros and Mykonos. However I have also been advised that Amorgos, Andros, Milos, and Sifnos have some unforgetable sights that would be worth getting the opportunity to see? Are any of those islands more advisable than others. Our plan is to visit 5/6 islands if possible and we want a good idea of the potential cost. We have around £2500 between the two of us and are trying to work out how long that will last us as ideally we would like to stay for a minimum of 3 weeks.

Thanks George

8. Posted by luluandstone (Budding Member 21 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Just wrote a whole reply and then deleted it... Will try remember what i wrote!

We have a budget of 50euros between us per night for accommodation and never went over. We prefered to stay in double rooms and almost always it was right around 25per person. You can save money by staying in larger dorms but it usually only goes down to about 20per person!

We found the ferry costs to be about 35euros per person from Piraeus to Mykonos. Piraeus is the main ferry port near Athens and there are so many ferry companies running out of this port. I definately suggest to book a seat on your ferries as we didnt and ended up having to pay for first class seats as that was all that was left!

We stayed for around 3 weeks and I think 4 days is enough of each island. We stayed about a week in Mykonos and by the end we were ready to leave - You dont really get a break from the party atmosphere at Paradise Beach so we were wrecked! If I ever go back I would do about 3-4 days there.

I cant help you with flights as we did not fly there or out, we kept travelling. But i think your best option would be to fly into Athens and then catch a train down to Piraeus for the ferry and do the same on your way home. I dont suggest staying in Piraeus at all, we had to because we couldnt get a ferry until the next day and it is a little bit of a dodgy place!

If we look at your 2500pound budget (about 2850euros) I think you have plenty of money.
3 weeks of accommodation at 25euro per person, per night = 1050euros for accommodation
6 Ferrys to get you from Piraeus to all the islands and then back, at 35 per person = 420euros
You still have 1380euros left!
You can save money by booking hostels that have kitchens for guest use. That way you can cook your own dinner some nights and save on restaurant costs!

Emma (sorry I forgot to include my name in last post!)

9. Posted by Frantic21 (Budding Member 4 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

my suggestion are:
-take a flight from london to athens (british airways, easyjet, aegean, olympic air are providing this connection with no stops) .
-take a ship going to any island you want from peraius port.chect out this site
-go to the island and check for room availability will find something good and cheap 99%.

anytime you want,you buy a ticket and board on the ferry which will take you to the next need to book a ticket.