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Hi hi. Well as you guessed Im sick of the USA! I have lived in Oregon, California, Alaska, and California again now. I have been to New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Alaska, Cali, Oregon, Nevada, and driven through plenty others. It seems like no matter where I go, things are the same! Ive been to Mexico twice to a resort town, and things were sooo different. So now, I think its time to get outta North America. Problem is....where to go? I want to go for...well not sure. If I can squeeze months outta a small amount of money then I will go for a longer time. I had planned on New Zealand for two months for a few reasons....but since then things have fell through. I still want to go...just not sure if that is where I want to go this summer. I plan on traveling a lot more after I graduate college, but want to go SOMEWHERE this summer. I'm 20 years old. I dont like going anywhere Id like to go somewhere I can find people to hang out with fast! Dont wanna make a post somewhere maybe people can throw some ideas my way. Thanks all!

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Hi faedryth,

Firstly, welcome to TP. Not sure what your budget is, but to make money stretch as far as possible, Asia (not Japan though) and South America are both good choices. I'm not sure how you'd go meeting people quickly, although I guess if you're staying in hostels and are willing to socialise, it probably wouldn't be so bad. Otherwise, for something a little easier (read "English speaking"), Australia and NZ are both good choices - unfortunately more expensive though.

It's tough trying to choose sometimes


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Welcome Faedryth!

Europe is a great place to meet people in the summer. Whatever country you're in you'll find backpackers, and people in hostels are pretty friendly! I know you said you want to get out of North America, but if your budget is a small one, you can always head to Canada. We're a friendly bunch and have lots of places to see, shop, and party!

Katie ;)

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hey girlie fosh tell me about it im sick of tired of california too. i want to go ahead and move to europe. i recommend you to go to europe, im going there this year with my primashermanas. cant wait. i hear thats the best plave to go backpacking and just get everything out of your mind. can't wait til i go. yeah i just need one more freaking year of school here and then im going to transfer out to brazil. doing study abroad over there.