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Was Malaysia hit badly? I have heard of huge tital waves that have caused some distruction. My fiance and I are planning on going in Aug for our honeymoon. What do you think?

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I would also like to know. I am heading there feb 21 and would like to know if there is areas i should avoid. Or maybe i can help with something while i'm there.

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Guys, nothing to worry! Trust me!

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Malaysia is fine. Penang was hit by tidal waves but now many people are heading there for holiday! Apart from Penang, nowhere was really hit by Tsunami.

Pulau Pangkor Malaysia

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Thanks for all your concerns, guys.

Take this map for reference.

Only parts of northern tip of the west coast of the peninsular were affected. To be exact, it is at the south of of the Malaysia-Thailand border. The tsunami came from the north-west direction. The badly affected areas were north of Penang island (Pulau Pinang, see Georgetown), and the nearby mainland coast north of the island. Reported casualties were about 68 while more than a thousand were reported injured.

The effect of the tsunami in Malaysia was "minimal" if you compare it with Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand where the casualties were in tens of thousands and the injuries in the hundreds of thousands. We have the Sumatra island to thank for, because it "absorbed" and blocked away a tremendous amount of the force from the tsunami. However, due to its closeness with the epic centre of the earthquake, it had suffered the most. :(

Those who were badly hit were mostly from the fishing industries, some from the tourism, and the others village people, as they lived very near the sea. Our government and the local NGOs have came out to provide them with assistance of all kinds. Temporary houses were built for those who had lost their entire homes to the tidal waves, while the government prepare to help them to get back to their lives. Each affected household have also received and allocated a substantial amount of money from donations gathered from both the government and also the public.

So, basically there is nowhere to avoid going to. You may continue your journey as planned. ;)

Eric, your offer for help is very much appreciated, but since it's already more than a month, virtually everything has been taken care of by the government and NGOs.


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malaysia was not badly hit by the tidalwaves, compared to banda aceh and phuket.

but oh gosh, right now malaysia is so hot. the sun is blazing like nobody's business.