Overstaying the allotted 90/180 days visa for Schengen area

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So I know that as a US citizen we are allowed to stay in the Schengen zone for a total of 90/180 days. Anyone has any idea what happens when you overstay th the 90 days?

I am finishing my degree in Poland, I only had 4 months left so I (stupidly enough) did not get a student visa thinking I could just go to, say, England, get stamped and then come back with my 90 days renewed. However after April 2010 this stopped working since they started enforcing the 6 month period deal. I am already in Poland and cannot go back to the States now (unless I wanna forfeit graduating) and my 90 days will expire very soon. So I need to know what happens if I stay an extra month and then wanna go back to the States. Will I get banned from the Schengen zone? Will I get fined? Will I be arrested?!?!

I am trying to weigh my options and consider all possible scenarios in order to figure out what is the best course of action. Any ideas on what I should/can do?

Please help!


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Essentially you got two options: Leave the Schengen area or overstay.

Normally I would say "get your arse back home to the USA ASAP", but since its your graduation at stake..

If you don't plan on coming back to the Schengen Area anytime soon and only get found out at the day of departure: chances are high you'll be banned from entry, maybe have to pay a fine, but you will most likely be allowed to fly back to the USA.

The big risk is getting caught between now and your departure date. What if you need to go to a hospital? Or a police officer thinks you look like that guy they are looking for? Accidents happen. If you are found out police will arrest you and hold you in prison.