7-10 days WHERE TO GO HELP!!

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I am desperate to go away for a week to 10 days (think im pushing it for a whole 2 weeks off!).

Anyway Ive always fancied America.

Id love to visit new york, las vegas, LA, Grand Canyon

I like sun, shopping, scenery...

Anyone any suggests of a trip?! Ive looked a Trek America and yes they look good but wandered if i could do the trips cheaper by myself?!

Any help much appreciated!!

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I am in the middle of planning the same thing right now ! It is cheaper to do it yourself (not a lot if you are travelling alone) and the decision should really be about whether you are comfortable travelling alone/unsupported in the US or whether you prefer to leave the organising to others.

The US is a car mad country and hire cars are easy and reasonably priced.

You could do LA, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon in your available time.

A different option is to pick a spot (LA or San Francsico or both) and rent an apartment for the time you are there and get to know the place/s really well. San Francisco has a superb public transit system though LA would require a car. Hiring an apartment for a week is much more affordable than hotel accommodation and gives you more space and a kitchen for basic (or fancy !) meal prep. Multiple companies/sites available for apartment listings just search 'vacation apartment San Francisco' for eg and see what comes up. I have done it numerous times and have never had a problem. Most places also rent for less than a week minimums.

[ Edit: Sorry, no promos please. (Contact RedGirl directly if you want her suggestions for good websites for car rentals) ]

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ehm, i've had same problems, got my free days but not even a clue where to go. but i must agree with red girl - LA, SF and grand canyon are "must see" on west coast.
i prefer more egzotic trips, so i've been on my trip to middle east last year, it was fabulous. maybe you should try to contac someone from liveperson site to give you some good advice. although as i see that no website postings or advertising is permited, so i will mention just one name and it is not kind of advertising, it is my recommendation - monija radovic, expert for travels on that site. she gave me really good advices and tips for my future traveling.

but if you want to travel just on west coast, than listen what red girl have to say here :) LA,SF and Grand canyon. that is cool, other cities are pretty much the same and borring

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A week to see the States is obviously very limiting. But I would not just set up shop in one area and see it all, I'd try to select a section and see as much as you can. Even though I'm an east coast guy I'd have to agree that if I had to pick one place it would probably be LA/SF/Grand Canyon.

I guess that settles that huh?

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I have been with Trek America in the past and can fully recommend them as it was a great trip and lots of fun, but I have also traveled on my own in the US. If you go to LA, San Francisco, Grand Canyon and Vegas you wont have any problem doing it on you own, and I probably would prefer to do it this way if I go there again.

If your into scenery, you could possibly take a trip to somewhere like Yosemite National Park. The National Parks in the US were great in my opinion and well worth it. Also lots of travelers were recommending San Diego, but I didn't have time to get to there. If you can get a full two weeks off it can make quite a difference. I guess my style of travelling is too see and do as much as I can and organise it on the fly but if you are unsure of travelling alone or how organising things will go just stick to a few places.

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I’m thinking of doing LA/SF/Grand Canyon while I’m in the US in late May through to the end of June.
If your looking for cheap accommodation you should look at;
www.couchsurfing.org/ and http://www.homestayweb.com and this as well http://www.hostelbookers.com/
As for travelling I’m thinking of doing it by bus and train.

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When are you thinking of going? I'm planning a US trip for August/September.
Would be good to have people to meet up with for a drink along the way!