What type of bag/backpack/suitcase/daypack should I buy?

Travel Forums General Talk What type of bag/backpack/suitcase/daypack should I buy?

1. Posted by pwools (Budding Member 3 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I have searched through the archives and only found the occasionaly message about what type of bag to use. There is plenty of discussions about what to put inside the bag but little about the actual bags and people's experience with different types of bags.

We are going to Europe for a couple of months. Not quite backpacking but still doing it on our own staying in 2-3* accommodation and using the bus/train/car/plane to get around.

I'd like some advice on the different types of bags to use. I guess we would probably be looking for a main bag and a couple of day packs but you might suggest a different combination.

Things to consider are:
- Convenience (useful in the plane)
- Safety (thieves on motorbikes)
- Identification (easily found at the airport luggage pickup)
- Weight (Ryanair has a 15Kg limit)
- Straps (loose straps can get caught)
- Price (Always)
- Wheels (For those long walks to the hotel)
- Attachment (Bags with an attached daypack)
plus more...

If you have a suggestion, it would be great if you could attach a picture of the bag and perhaps a link to where it can be purchased.

All recommendations are appreciated.

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Hey pwools.. there have been a few threads on the backpacks vs suitcases debate, here's the one that was most answered:


I personally quite like roll-on suitcases. We have a nice little Antler one that does the trick beautifully. On a 4 month trip last year, we took that + a larger roll on duffle (Samsonite). After a couple of months, we bought another little bag to carry all the extra stuff we were buying. I've also got a backpack now though. In the future it will definitely be going along - not sure which of the two rolling bags I'd ditch - probably the large one. The small roll-on is just too nice :)

There's also the option of a backpack on wheels, which would be ok if you're not using it much as a backpack. As a backpack though, it can quite literally become a rod for your back!!

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This is what I got, its a backpack obviously. I like it cause its cheap ($155 CDN), and it has a zip-off daypack. Should be perfect for plane rides, daytrips etc.

Like a lot of people said in the thread Peter posted, it depends mostly on the type of travelling you're doing. If you're going from hotel to hotel, a suitcase is probably more appropriate. Myself, I'll be roughing it a little more often; hostels, camping etc. So pick something that suits your trip.


4. Posted by pwools (Budding Member 3 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Thanks Peter and Brad_cat. That thread was really helpful. It seems that the backpack wins hands down.

I have come across rei.com and they provide a good selection although you don't get to try them out.

Now it is a matter of going to an appropriate retail outlet to try out the different types. I am not far out of Melbourne, Australia so will head in there. Probably the bigger name stores. Anyone from downunder know of a good store that has a good variation of products?