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Hi there,

I'm in the very early stages of planning a trip starting in Argentina and ending up staying with friends in Texas, USA. I have a basic idea of the countries i'd like to visit on route. From Argentina i'd like to visit Chile, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Cuba and Mexico. First question I guess is, which places that I haven't listed would people recommend going to?
Which is the best way to travel around South America. Is it mostly bus travel? What sort of train network do these countries have? Also where would the best place to fly to Cuba from?

Thanks for any help.

2. Posted by ElliotWebb (Budding Member 13 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Also, what would be the best time of year to start this trip?

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Dear Elliot,

The reason you're not getting any replies is because your question is waaaaaaay too general. You're asking advice about a HUGE hunk of real estate without saying anything about your budget, travel experience, interests, likes/dislikes, time frame, etc. You need to read some guide books and do a little Googling then come back with better researched questions.

That said...

1.) Unlike Europe or even parts of Asia and Africa, Central and South America simply do not have a developed international rail network. International train services are almost non-existent, and most journeys must generally be made by long-distance bus or plane. Here's a decent overview:

2.) There are direct flights to Cuba from Mexico, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Grand Cayman, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela and wherever else I'm forgetting. Panama has the most options.

Have fun with your research.


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Hello Elliot,

I want to add a recommendation to touch upon visiting Colombia. Recently returned from the country and now want to go back. Some of the nicest people I have ever meet in the world, I have meet in Colombia. It is very safe as long as you use common sense. The north coast has some of the most amazing beaches i have seen, like Santa Marta and Taganga.

Intertravel between countries are mostly going to have to be through bus or plane. There is no real rail system in a lot of countries in south america as they are still a bit under developed.

Tell us more of the kind of traveler you are, and we can help you find what you want.