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Hey guys,
Ive travelled quite a bit a few years back and have decided last minute to go travelling in south america for 7 weeks, starting next week : ) Im flying into Bogota and then fly home from Lima 7 weeks later. Pretty excited about the trip but don't have much of a concrete plan as yet. I start off in Bogota and then will probably fly up to the carribean coast and then make my way back down towards Peru, ecuador , maybe bolivia. I dont have any must vist places in mind except for Machu Pichu : ) . Im pretty flexible on transport and intend on flying where possible to cut down on bus journies. Does anybopdy have any suggestions with regards to must sees, things not to miss , possible itineries etc ? Also, I have the usual concerns about travelling in Colombia, what are the places to avoid? Are antimalarials needed ?

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Which guide books are you using?


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I just bought the Lonely planet guide fro south america today. Im going to have a look through it tonight : )


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I spent some time in Peru and my favourite part was a place a couple hours by boat outside of Puerto Maldonado. The wildlife was amazing, the food was good but yes you would need anti-malarials.

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Thanks.Does anybody know if it is it possibe to buy the antimalarials in Bogota or Lima without a prescription?

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Hiya, are you flying from Bogota to the Caribbean coast in Colombia? A lot of people fly to Santa Marta in the north, from here you can do the Tayrona National Park and if you like trekking, the Lost City Trek (i would recommend both). How long are you planning to spend in Colombia and what do you specifically want to do/see? The north is hot and good for chilling on the beach, Cartagena has a beautiful old town, lots of places to Salsa. Then there are pretty areas/coffee plantations near Bogota. I also really liked the city of Medellin.

I was in Colombia for 5 weeks and had no safety problems at all, people were really friendly and welcoming. However a couple of my friends did have some issues in Bogota, all in the Old Town area which is where a lot of the hostels are. If you stay here just be vigilant and check reviews etc. on the place you intend to stay. But i'm sure you will be fine! Never did a land border crossing in Colombia, don't know what they are like. The no-go areas for tourists are pretty remote and I don't think you would have any reasons to visit them.
Good luck! Hannah

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Thanks Hannah,
Im probably going to spend three weeks in colombia.The ciudada erdida trek looks really interesting and chalenging.Did you manage to do the trek yourself?How did you find the trek? Ive been reading through the Lp and saw some adventure sports in places like San Gil - did you stop of there?

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Hi Rich. The Lost City trek was brilliant, I did it over 5 days and with an average level of fitness I found it challenging but doable and really enjoyed it. UK's foreign office website recommends against doing it which did invalidate my travel insurance for the 5 days I was on it but so many travellers are doing it and the area is well patrolled by the military, i really think that travel advice is out of date. You can do it in 4 days but I think that's quite hardcore. It was one of the best things I did in Colombia

Didn't go to San Gil because i ran out of time but I heard loads of good things about it.

If you are planning to use internal flights I found the colombian airline Aires to do the best deals.

You will love Colombia - have fun!