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Quoting MattXIII

I swear his social workers gay anyway

Sounds even more like a bad memory for the social worker - not your bruv!!!

It coming to a point where everyone has to be protected from everything - just in case it may happen. Playground equipment is bad - little Johnny might get hurt. Every participant in a competion has to get a ribbon (just for showing up) so no one experiences disappointment. Coddling is not an effective means for learning life's true ups and downs. Then, everyone wonders why depression is on the rise... Possibly because the skills for coping with life's curve balls haven't been learned? Guidance is good - over-protection is not.

Maybe the social worker would prefer your bruv take up ballet instead? Oh, forgot - can't do that... Your bruv may have been dressed up in tights in a previous life! Have they recommended a padded room so he's really safe from all possible harm - physical and emotional? Soical worker needs to get a life - his own!