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Hello to all!

I've just decided that I need to fly out of here asap (here is Montreal). I'm thinking about heading to South America next week (leaving May 23rd). I'm looking to spend 2 to 3 weeks somewhere down there and my budget is around $2000 (not including the plane ticket).


What do you guys recommend?
Which country should I travel to?
What cities to visit?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Mark,

I would head down first to Colombia as you can still have a reasonably good time and explore enough places within 2-3 weeks.
Colombia country advertisement is: "the only danger is that you will want to stay longer".
Colombia has amazing beaches, islands, historical towns, modern cities, jungles, mountains, adventure activities.
People are one of the friendliests I found in the world. Food is great.
Security situation has improved a lot over the last 8 yrs, and it's not any worse than in most latin american countries.

There are cheap flights from the US to a number of cities in Colombia by Spirit Air (although the airline company is crap).

Ecuador could also be very interesting and "travelable" within the same time frame. The mountain areas and for trekking is even better than Colombia, has even more beautiful colonial heritage towns, although its coast line is not as jaw-dropping as Colombia's but still nice. It also has the Galapagos, but that would be $2k just itself.

Other popular countries are much bigger, and I would personally feel sad leaving them after a few weeks knowing that there is still so much to discover. That's why I recommended Colombia and Ecuador.

Enjoy your holidays!

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South America got lots of beautiful countries and cities. You should try and visit The Amazon Rain Forest and The Blue Hole in Belize. Brazil is also a great place to visit since there are lots of beautiful places you could go there.

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I would recommend Ecuador. Its small (in South American terms) and very manageable and easy to travel around by air and bus. In in 2/3 weeks you could experience historical Quito, the Andes, 3/4 day trip to the Amazon and maybe the Galapagos/Coast

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Anywhere but Santiago Chile.

I second Colombia. I lived there for two years. I love that country.