Is this a realistic Budget also any tips RTW trip

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Hi all new user here had a look round here lots of good tips etc, I want some opinions on my trip round the world from other peeps. My and mr girlfiend are going to be heading off either start of October 2011 or Start of November, we both have a very similiar budget, I'll the the place countries her

Oh yeah I'm from UK byt the way :-)

Start London to Bangkok travelling down or own way to Singapore (We are planning 12 weeks including the full moon party fun fun)

Singapore to Cairns then travelling down the east coast Australia to down to eventually Adelaide (planning on being 2 months in total)

Adelaide to Auckland (3 weeks in New Zealand)

Auckland to Fiji (1 week)

Fiji to La (1-2 weeks depending Budget at this time)

Right lets talk money - Flights been quoted around £1800 each I have calualted that I will have about £7000 (each) in total so minus off the 1800 leaves me with about 5200 for spending /accomodation/food/drink etc. This whole trip is round about 6 months with a general mark up of hotels/hostels I have figured up we kind of look at around 20-30 a day I believe does this sound enough or is this only just enough to essentially survice and not really give us much money to enjoy the trip fully if you see what I am saying....

If anyone else has done this route and could give me more insight into there budgets I would be very happy chap, cheers Paul.:)

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Hi Mate,

I was totally in the same boat as you before I'd completed my research. Well, checked on the web a lot!

Check this link out, should help you balance your books.

Not sure if you're a tech dude but I've set up an excel spreadsheet which details the number of days in each area, i.e. Thailand 30 days, Laos 30 days, etc etc, and then added in the average daily costs for each area, then added simple sum of formula to show the totals. If you decide to spend more in one areas or less in another then change the daily costs and the total should be pretty accurate. Email it to yourself if you're not taking a netbook then you can update on the move as and when required.

Have a great trip mate!


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In 2005 my husband and I had a round the world trip. We flew from Manchester to New York to Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Flew down the Grand Canyon, back to Los Angeles then to Fiji to New Zealand where we hired a camper van then on to Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, where we stayed 3 months and toured Australia and also did the Indian Pacific railway from Perth to Sydney, then onto Hong Kong and home.
I know it's a few years ago but I booked everything before we went so knew the cost up front and of course paid for it so it only left daily spends to find. We paid £10000 for the 2 of us for the whole trip, that included all of our hotels, the campervan etc. We had a wonderful time in those places and would recommend anyone to try them.