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Hello fellow travellers:

I have been reading a lot about the RTW airfare tickets and I wanted to know how this works. I know that you have within a year to use the ticket, but how long do you have at each country that you choose on your itinerary? Or is there a time limit for each country you select?


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I have been reading a lot about the RTW airfare tickets and I wanted to know how this works.

Yea! I feel the same way too.. I'm planning a RTW trip in June 2006, and I'm quite unsecure about these airfares... (That's the least you can say...) I also need some more information about how to get going, like what to think about.. I've seen a lot of posts that puts up some part of it here and there but I'd like someone to write down the few essential things like the passport, visa's, ticket's.. all the basic you need to get going... If anyone with some experience can reply on this it would be great!! :) I think it's a great thread Jooksing...

- Ebbe

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Thanks Edebarudo

I just hope someone out there sees our thread and responds back....still crossing my fingers!!!!

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Hi guys

Check out this site: www.gonomads.com

I am sure it will answer all your questions.

Good Luck

Cheers Paul

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Hi all, im leaving on May 8th for 3 months. Im visiting China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, LA, and new york. :) This is classed as a RTW ticket. BASICS: Cost £1300. this included air miles under 27,000miles, taxes, fees, and £130 insurance!!! You will need Visa's, depending where you go, for example i need a £20 visa for Aus, and £45 for China. Pssport must be valid etc. I highly recomend, STA Travel. They were absolutly brilliant in organsing the finantial side of my trip. Just approach them in a high street shop with a list of all the countries you want to visit. Altrnatively check out their site: www.statravel.co.uk hope this helps, will

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I have already been struggling with this question before; I leave in July. So hope this will help !

My choice has been British Airways ; not the cheapest one, but very flexible ; and good possibilities in Australia/NZ. I chose the one with 4 zones. It costs me 2400 € (without taxes ; count 400 €).
So all trans-continental flights are included ; this is the first point. The 4 zones are Europe, Asia, Oceania and America. In each zones, you have 4 coupons (1 coupon is 1 flight within a zone ; so if you have to fly via somewhere, it will count for 2). And you can add some coupons if needed at a cost of 100 € ; very interesting for Australia (BA linked with Quantas) up to a total of 20 coupons. This is valid for 1 year

The other information I had gathered were:
The cheapest RWT you can find is 950 € (but this is only using very much travlled routes)
. 900 -1 400 € :
mini tours in Asia 3 or 4 stops (often Bangkok). For the higher price here you can get RWT via Bangkok ou Kuala Lumpur, Japan, Hawaï and/or 1 or 2 towns in US.
. 1 400 -1 700 € :
Mainly asia (main towns) stops in US (east and west) and Hawaii or even Australia/NZ ; lots of stops in asia though (6 or 7)
. 1 700 -2 000 € :
Asia (big choice) USA (sometimes south) and australia, NZ or some pacific islands
. 2 000 -2 500 € :
Lots of possibilities : 7 to 10 stops Asia, pacific, US, sometimes south america or east
. 2 500 -3 000 € :
Same but you can add south america and central america.

3 main providers : star alliance, one world (BA) and Skyteam ; they propose passes. To be checked according to your itinerary.

you can check http://www.lonelyplanet.com/travel_services/trvl_air.cfm to have a rough idea of the price of your itinerary.

I think this is it !
Hope it will help !

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You might want to check out this website: RTW article.

Basically, a round the world ticket allows you up to one year to travel in one direction, starting and ending in the same country. You have to book specific dates for travel, but most RTW tickets allow you to change dates with little or no cost to you once you have started.

Most tickets are priced based on the number of stops you make, and where those stops are. Some are priced based on the number of continents you stop at, others are priced based on the milage of the ticket. There is usually a maximum number of stops you can make.

In a RTW, usually you fly into a place, have some time there, and then fly out of the same place. You can, however, have a certain number of "Open Jaws." An open jaw is where you fly into one place and leave from another. Say you fly into Munich and then travel overland to London, and leave from London. However, you have a restricted number of open jaws, so it's best to use them wisely.

As for passport and visa information, that's totally up to you to arrange. It can get pretty complex, especially when you get places where you HAVE to apply for a visa from your home country. It is definately best to research and understand visa issues before you book your flights, so you can be sure that you are booking into places that will allow you into their country, and which will allow you to get to the other countries you want to see.

One last thing to think about - if you are planning on doing most of your travel overland, it might actually be better to not book a RTW ticket, and just book point to point tickets as you want. This will allow you to fly into one country and leave from another country (or city) as many times as you want, could be cheaper (depending on the number of flights you are planning on taking) and removes any restrictions on the amount of time you have to complete the journey.

Best of luck!

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Just wanted to expand on one thing I said. Another restriction with RTW fares is the fact that you HAVE to keep travelling in the same direction. I know of no RTW fares that allow you to backtrack. So if you start out flying Los Angeles to Thailand (i.e. flying west), you won't be able to fly to Japan afterwards, because you would be heading east. Depending on your itinerary, this could be a big negative with the RTW fares, and definately something you need to think about as you are booking your trip.