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Hi all,

Having spent a 6 months travelling round the world last year I've been back in the UK in my 9-5 job for just over a year. I've recently split with my girlfriend of 6 years and find myself completely sick of life here in the UK. I've hated my job since I got back from travelling and have longed to go away again, somehow, somewhere (I just didn't think I'd be doing it alone)!! A familiar story on here, I'm sure...!

Anyway, I've been loosely thinking about the option of working on some kind of cruise ship for a year or two. The concept of it appeals to me - working my way around the world, meeting new people, seeing new places etc. but I know VERY little of what it would really be like and how to go about getting into it! Which is where I'm hoping you lot may be able to help...

I live in Southampton at the moment, so pretty much a bit of a hub for UK cruises, which I guess has to be a good thing for trying to find work. So, if anyone has any direct or indirect experience of this kind of thing, what it's like, how to go about getting work, what to look for, good companies to work for etc I'd be very keen to hear from you :)

Thanks in advance, Adam.