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1 month in Nov/Dec '11 - help me decide where to go?

Travel Forums General Talk 1 month in Nov/Dec '11 - help me decide where to go?

1. Posted by facesnorth (Budding Member 2 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

My boss just gave me permission to take off the whole month of December to go anywhere in the world. Likely if I press I can even get an extra week or 2, so figure late Nov to early Jan.

We need to be budget conscious, and preferably I would like to use my delta skymiles for the flights - I have enough to take both of us anywhere in the world so long as we can get one of the economy tickets.

Originally I had been thinking Nepal/Tibet - one of my dream destinations, but apparently this is not possible with delta skymiles.

I've listed most of our travels in my profile so you can get an idea of where we've been. I'd like to fill in some of the gaps for my world travel goals. I always enjoy a well rounded trip, with some hiking/nature/mountains/jungle, wildlife, history, culture, food, local music/arts, spas/hot springs, and relaxation.

Some things that are appealing to me that I'd like to see at some point in no particular order (besides Nepal/Tibet) are an Indonesian gamelan performance, Angkor Wat, Petronas towers, horseback riding/sleeping in yerts in Mongolia, climbing Hua Shan mountain in China, nature walks in New Zealand, hiking the Torres del Paine in Chile, beaches in Brazil or Thailand, rice paddy hikes in Vietnam, Bali, Timbuktu, gorillas in Rwanda, High Atlas mountains and old cities in Morocco, Damascus, anything Japan (too expensive though), I could go on and on really.

Now on the other hand, my wife at this point is starting to prefer more relaxing trips and tours. Our last 7 week Africa trip really was too much for her, but I think it was because we did too much running around. I enjoy this as well, but I still like to run around and see a lot. So if we can find some balance in there it would be great.

One other thing - I love to make use of my flight connection to "see another place." If possible I would even fly to a different connection both there and back, and spend a few days or a week in each place depending. That's how I ended up doing Egypt on my way to Tanzania.

I think there's a trip in there somewhere for us - the main things to consider are the timeframe of Decemberish, between 4-6 weeks total, being able to use skymiles preferably, and a max total budget for the whole trip of probably around $5-6k.

Please give me your thoughts!

2. Posted by paulmacpaul (Full Member 107 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

How about Europe? There are a lot of great places there. Also, you could travel around Asia special on the Eastern part. The places there are just so rich in culture and for sure you'll say it's all worth it.

3. Posted by facesnorth (Budding Member 2 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

I hadn't really considered Europe, although there are places that appeal to me. Mostly because I think of it as being more expensive, and also not different enough from what I know to scratch what I'm looking for. I did list a # of places in Asia that interest me. If you have ideas on sample itineraries I'd like to hear it.

Also preferably I would go somewhere that is not cold in December (doesn't have to be blazing hot either, just not as cold as the N.E USA at that time).