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Hi guys

me and four other friends would like to go from Addis Ababa to Nairobi. I have seen from other posts that it shouldnt be difficult. One should go first to Konso, then to Moyale and finally to Nairobi. Can you please tell me how to deal the visa then and also the cost of the trip by bus/truck? We would be in 5, is it safe? Thanks

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I think that going from Addis via Dila (rather than Konso) is the more direct route. You can generally get your Kenya visa at the border but that will depend on your nationality.

When I did this in April 2009, it cost 99 birr on the bus from Addis to Moyale - you overnight in Dila, so will need to pay for some accommodation there.

Most of the truck transport leaves Kenyan Moyale about 9AM, so you will need to spend a night near the border - I don't know what time the border opens, but if you have the choice then I would spend the night in Ethiopian Moyale as the Kenyan side is pretty grotty. Try to get to Kenyan Moyale for 8AM or so, to have the best chance of getting a decent seat on a truck. There is a bus that runs but it only goes if it's full, which seems to happen about twice per month. Hitching is another option, but you'd be lucky to get anything that can take your whole group. Prices were: bus fare about KSh1000 to Nairobi, truck seat (in the cab) about KSh2000 to Nairobi, back of the truck about KSh700 to Isiolo. The road from Isiolo onwards is tarmac and there are scheduled buses to Nairobi from there (KSh500).

As for safety, you're probably more at risk from a traffic accident than anything else. The stretch between Moyale and Marsabit used to have sporadic bandit trouble but I don't know if that's still the case.

Bear in mind that this information is now 2 years old, but I'd be surprised if the situation (other than perhaps prices) has changed much.

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Thanks for the infos! If everyone has other tips to give me, feel free to do it!:):)

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Did you manage to do the trip if not i might update you on the Road past Isiolo to Archers post is ok and the road up north is being improved we hope this can be done faster. Transport costs have gone up and you wont get something less than a thousand. On transport, you will get a lot of taxis, mainly toyota probos and g-touring operating on this route, You can take this straight from Moyale to Nairobi or get to Isioolo and take a bus or minibus (matatu) to Nairobi depending on your budget.

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That's a good narration of events pre Kenya-Moyale, and post Ethiopia-Moyale!

I travelled on top of a truck, on the back, as well as a dungy bus. It is/was a wonderful natural experience. The sweat, heat, and the dust and the beautiful emotions with fellow travellers. By the way I still prefer traveling the bus route from Eastleigh, Nairobi than a shuttle since traveling by bus, I get to travel with beautiful natural pure people with traditional civilization, their honesty is what gives me joy riding it.
I'm a resident of Marsabit.

Now the road from Nairobi, Kenya to Addis is tarmacked. It is way waaay long overdue!


Yohana Ogom.

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