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Happy Birthday Lovelee

I remember being 26 (I'm 38 now). It was an excellent time of life (there's been a few of them) and life was pretty grand. I think my 20's were really special, and my 30's just as special but in a different way.

The thing about life that I've found, is that it doesn't have to be travel/fun/drinking OR settling down/marriage/mortgage, etc. If you play your cards correctly, you can have a bit of both.

For instance, in my 20's I was studing really hard both at university and then post-graduate stuff, bought an apartment, got married, and we went on our honeymoon and returned 3 years later! Started in Cancun, Mexico, ended up in London, got some fantastic work opportunities, earned really good money (goodbye mortgage), worked in Belgium and the Netherlands, had some excellent European trips, came back to Australia, sold apartment, bought a house (hello mortgage again), did a bit more travel (but not much) had baby, still happily married - life's great!

I want a taste of many pies (or cakes!), not just the one that says "mortgage" or "travel". I accept that I won't be gorging myself on either of them, but each one tastes nice. Does that make sense?

Happy travels and peace on earth!