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I'm going travelling in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Thailand this year for 3 months.

I've had an initial consultation with the doctor about vaccinations etc and he has quoted between $200 and $600AU depending on how much of a risk I want to take and whether or not I want malaria tablets.

I don't really have a clue (apart from what I've read in Lonely Planet!!). Can anyone tell me what is required for these areas - realistically.

thank you!!

a confused Charlie

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Ive just been to the Doctors this morning for a consultation about all my vaccinations.Well, I thought it was a consultation but ended up having to have 2 injections there and then. The nurse went onto a website called , i understand you are in Australia but it will give you the basics on exactly what you need! You can basically click on the country and it gives all the latest, official health guidelines.It also has really good advice on Malaria precautions.Apart from all the basics such as Polio, T.B,Tetanus ect the ones recommended are: Typhoid and Hepatitus A.
It was then recommended to me that I have the Rabies vaccine, which there was a charge for.
Another one that she discussed was Japanese B Encephalitus but Im still unsure as to whether or not I need this one. Im assuming I will as Im going to be in areas where there are mosquitoes. Can anyone help on this????Im going to be travelling Japan,Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and Bali. Anyway, hope this helps! Em x

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Last week i went to a travel clinic to get vaccines for my upcoming trip to malaysia. All i needed according to the doctor was typhoid, hepatitis A (I already have a hepatitis B) and polio. I also have some pills to take in case i get diarrhea while i'm there. I also have malaria pills in case i decide to go to a malaria zone. The way these work is that i have to take them 2 days prior to entering a malaria zone, while i'm there, and for 4 weeks after i'm out.

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Thanks Twinkle and Moutallica for your replies.

That website you said about is great, Twinkle!!

Thank you!!!

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My wife and I have just had our vaccinations for our trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. The travel clinic told us to have hep A and Typhoid, we had also already had polio and tetnis from our previous trips. She also suggested rabies, but it takes a course of 3 injections over a month, is very expensive and as long as your careful you shouldnt come in contact with dogs or bats, unless you were working with animals ordoing alot of bike riding. I have found the dogs in Asia to be very slow and lazy(probably because of the heat and lack of food) We also have anti-malaria tablets to take while we are in the meekong-delta area and Cambodia.
The nurse also said that the Japanese B encephalitis is only really needed if going into affected areas for longer than a month.

All this information is interesting, especially seeing the different reccomendations from travel clinics in different countries.



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Hi all,

I have recently came back from India and whilst throughout the trip i took and am still taking the vile malaria tablets, the majority of others i spoke to either didn't bother to take them in the first place, or stopped taking them after a week or so due to the horrible side effects.

I continued to take the malaria tablets as i had no side effects but others complained of feeling really sick and their mouths and faces swelling, so it is understandable that they choose not to continue taking them. Provided you take the proper precaucions such as sleeping under a net, have repellent on you at all times apparently you should be ok.

It was also recommended to me to be immunised against rabies although i decided against this due to cost and length of time etc. I did have Hep A, Typhoid, Tetnus, Polio, and i already had Hep B which is also recommended.

I hope this helps...