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Is it true that you can be a "carrier" on a flight and fly for very, very cheap or free. By carrier i mean someone that delivers something internationally.
This sounds strange to me, but people I work with claim its true. I've been told you can go to the airport and inquire if something needs to be delivered somewhere, then you get a flight and deliver it, and have a ticket to return - for free. Sounds awfully mystifying to me. what are these packages you can supposedly deliver?
any thoughts or experiences with this?


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you are right. This is an actual job that some people have. Their business is transporting things personally. Documents, jewels, you name it. Have you ever seen the movie "The Transporter"? He worked for himself. I have no idea about the price of travel tho.

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seems like an interesting job. i'll have to rent that movie.

It makes me wonder if that is an option open to anyone. anybody know how to get involved in such things?

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i haven't heard of it as a legitimate job, but loads of the drug running etc stories....

if you find out anything can you keep us updated !!!

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I've heard of it too, but don't know too much about it. They talked about it in the (really cheesy) movie "Eurotrip." It had me intrigued, but one of my friends said that kind of discount ticket is only available in the U.S. Again, no clue if that's true or not, and I would assume you can track someone down in your local airport to ask about it if you're serious about travelling that way.

If it is possible all around the world, please pass on the info, because it would be awesome!

Katie ;)

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I've actually heard of this job. It seems ideal, but the conditions were psychotic! I don't remember the details but I do remember thinking that it would be ideal without all the rules and conditions of work, etc.

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Well, I actually did this job once (from LA to Singapore) about 18 years ago.

At that time the way it worked was you would look for ads in the yellow pages for "courier" or "international courier". You would pay your portion of the ticket (at that time I paid $250) and then you would meet a representative at the airport ticket counter on your assigned day, about 2 hours before the flight. You would go to the ticket counter where they would finish paying off the pre-arranged flight fee (which was $900 RT) and then their luggage would be given to the ticket agent at the counter. In my case, it turned out I was acting on behalf of Federal Express, and I flew on Singapore Airlines.

When I arrived in Singapore, I had to wait an hour while they went through the luggage and grabbed anything "weird" you carried on behalf of the courier company--which, in my case was video cassettes they though might contain political statements or porn.

When I came back to LA (a week later), the process was repeated. However, it took 4 hours to go through US customs--and you had to stay there the whole time, or they would trash everything you brought--or arrest you for trying to slip through with stuff. Anyway, after the 4 hour ordeal, I was free to go on home.

If you arrange ahead of time, you can actually get your ticket extended on to other destinations cheaply (something I found out afterwards). In my case, I paid separately (another $200 or so) to go on to Thailand for a few days (3 days), whereas if I had arranged it originally through the company, it would have cost me only another $50 or so.

Anyway, good luck if you do this. And make sure it's a legitimate company. Some people claim to be representing couriers only just to grab your money. In my case, I had a friend who had already traveled with them--so I knew they were legit.


8. Posted by Calcruzer (Travel Guru 2004 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Let me elaborate on a couple of things concerning being a courier.

Generally, the customs officials at both ends are notified that you are a courier--so they know that any drugs or porn or stuff is not yours--and you aren't going to get busted for it.

Secondly, you can only do this easily if you already live near a place where a lot a courier companies send stuff overseas--thus, Los Angeles, New York, London, and San Francisco are your best choices.

Third, the whole reason couriers operate like this is that it allows them to take last minute stuff and charge a fortune for doing so. If you ship cargo, you are "first on, last off" the plane. But if you travel as a passenger (or courier), you are "last on, first off" the plane--which means they can take packages that have to be in Singapore the next day, get them to you, and know they can get there in less than 24 hours.

Just informational.

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I've heard of this, too. There is an organisation that you could join, called the International Association of Air Travel Couriers, and they have a website: www.courier.org if you want to check them out. I have never travelled with them, though, so this isn't a first hand experience. However, I have heard somewhere that they are legit.

Good Luck


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Thanks blue! I looked around the website. That was exactly what I was talking about and it would appear to not be a myth anymore. Looks very interesting. You have to become a member for $45 before you can be a courier with them, but all told, it spells bargain for me. Who knows.

oh, and I spelled courier wrong before.