$200 off trip to Cabo, Cancun, Maui, etc! Is this legit?

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Hey guys!

My girlfriends and I want to go to Cabo or Cancun for Spring Break and I'm looking for the best travel deals online. We need to book our trip fast before the good hotels get crowded and prices go up, so any help would be appreciated, the sooner the better. Thanks.

So one of my friends showed me this site: www.ttrefunds.com
That company turbotax is offering a $200 off travel coupon to the hot spots like Cabo, Cancun, Vegas, Hawaii, etc. It sounds like a sweet deal! I know turbotax is a popular and repsected product but this deal seems too good to be true. My friend insists that this is legit but I could use some more opinions before I sign up. Thanks a bunch guys!

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Maybe during high peak time like Spring Break. Check the black out dates.

I been to cancun and cabo both pretty cool spots. Cancun has a waay better beach. Also get the all inclusive plans. Saves u a grip, especially for drinks. Check out the oasis in cancun. Pretty cool place..real party hotel!!


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Well, yes and no.

At the Intuit site (the maker of TurboTax), you have to spend $2000 to save $200--for a 6 day trip to Cancun.

So I tried booking a trip--and realized that they are using Expedia's booking site to get prices. Expedia is a good site--and generally very competitive. But for many places in Mexico, you can get much better deals by booking directly through the hotel's own website (unlike here in the US). The exception are large hotel chains that have to promise Expedia a discount so they will direct traffic to them.

So, if you want to not spend a lot of money, I suggest you try booking Cancun or Cabo through hotel sites directly (try the Barcelo hotel site, for example).

On the other hand, if you like top-end hotels (large chains like the Marriott, Fiesta Americana or Sheraton for example), then this is probably a good deal because you will get this expensive vacation for $200 less.