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Hi everyone!

I am planning to travel once again(been to Ecuador-Peru last year) to South America this summer(for 2 months). I am now heading for Brazil, Argentina and Chile. My plan was to fly in to Rio and Fly out from Chile...but, I have a 2500 $ budjet and I am not planning on using much airplanes since its much more expensive then buses. Does anybody think that buses will be fine, or I will not make it in two months...
also, if buses arent a good option, are the airplane costs affordable? And last question, how much money/per day should I plan?

Thank you so much.


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im also planning to go around the same areas this year. I havent actually been, but the research ive been doing seems to indicate that buses are fine if you can handle the distances (and loud rock music).

for example Buenos Aires to Rio de Janerio is a 42 hour journey!

if you can handle that then by all means go for it.

Ive found planes tend to be an incredible rip off, but try vertigo or Lan chile if your prepared to pay for it. Theres are various airpasses you can get, but i havent found them to be much use. You may do though - http://www.lastfrontiers.com/flights/airpass.htm

ive budgeted for 36 euro a day ( about 47 US Dollars ) which should be enough if your doing it on a budget.

If your looking for nicer hotels, eating out in the cities, doing tours, clubbing etc. id probably take about double that.

Bear in mind this is just what ive learned from research - i havent actually been there yet.

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Bying the Brazil Airpass ( www.tamairlines.com/airpass.cfm ) can be a great deal if you are travelling long distances, a round trip RIO - SALVADOR - NATAL - MANAUS - FOZ, for example, because internal flights are really expensive.

For using buses you might consider the the following route:


That´s a trip you could do easily with no so long bus trips.


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buses in chile are very cheap, i travelled 40km for 550 peso which is roughly £0.55GBP so cheaper in euro.

you will not need anyhting like 47 dollars US per day in chile. Also the train is very cheap but only runs from santiago down to temuco, that was in 2004 feb. I heard it may actually go to ptte Montt now or is planned to cant rem as i got off in temuco . i took the most expensive seat which was in the special reserve carriage with dining car plus stewards and really large seats and lots of space to strecth etc..real luxury. I rode it from santiago to temuco which is like a 9hr journey. very few stops , 2 i think all for like £22.00GBP so if you travel shorter is even cheaper plus u get a discount if u get a return ticket . older folk get an even reduced fare. bus terminals everywhere and is the main form of transport for travelling for chileans.
the inter city coaches are very clean, most are modern like u see in europe. no loud rock music on any bus or coach i took. no hassle on the buses and space for ur stuff.

I live in the uk but i am chilean so go there reg.

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Buses are a very good way to travel around. While I was travelling round Brasil I found that getting night buses was by far the easyest thing since it meant that I both covered the distances in the night while I slept (you have to be able to sleep on coaches for this. It's usually a definite if you are tired anyway!) and saved me the cost of overnight accomodation. Buses are cheap and if you get the luxury ones, more than easily affordable for the added comfort (Blankets, pillows and food). The Brasil air pass is good if you can afford it but must be purchased BEFORE you get to Brasil, from your point of origin. You cannot purchase this in Brasil.