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Hey everybody,
My name is Steven and im 22 from Los Angeles California, and I just booked a room at COCO bungalows in Koh Phangan that has two twin beds, ive done my research and have heard this is one of the best places to stay on the island for the price and location. Im going to be in thailand from december 16- January 19 backpacking around but from December 24-januraury 1st ill be celebrating at the full moon party and have an extra bed that is up for grabs. Im traveling solo and was thinking another solo traveler might want to split the room with me. Its 500 baht a night, so only 250 baht for both of us. It would be an awesome way to meet someone to hangout and party with during xmas and new years, so just let me know if your interested.


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Hey im heading there from November 27th and staying there for 3 months, planning on going to Full moon party too for christmas. Definately up for a good old party ha ha!

Carla x

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Hey Carla,
I cant wait to be there for the FMP, but besides that im trying to go more north i think. Are you going to be at the FMP for New years or just christmas?

Wow you are there 3 months, where abouts are trying to go in thailand?

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Hey guys,
Im going solo to SE Asia for about 6 months, starting on the 1st of november!
Im planning to be there for the end of December/beginning of January and go to the would be great to meet you guys over there and go out all together.

Ill have a look at the COCO bungalows, since I have friends joining me for NYE at Koh Phanghan. If its nice, we will stay will be easier to catch up.

On the other hand, what are your plans after FMP? We could also be travelling together for a while...

Let's see if we can arrange nice parties & trips...


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whats up Ruigoord,
Hey definitely check out the COCO its seems like the best place for the price and location. It really has that thailand laid back feel without the touristy side of things. I have talked with a few other people from around the world that are already staying there during xmas and new years and we are all looking forward to meeting up and hanging out together. If your trying to stay there i would book it as soon as possible because they fill up really quick the manager there said.

I have no plans set in stone for after the FMP but really want to go north and explore as deep into thailand as i can get. But i really dont know what i want to do for sure and always open for new trips and adventures, and parties.


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Hi Steven,

Sounds like Fun!! I will be in Thailand for 3-4 months in Nov and want to go to a full moon party but not sure what its all about. Is it a good time if you only drink? Where are some of the better ones? I will be traveling alone and my plan is to travel around Thailand. How did you find COCO in Koh phangan? I went to Koh Samui 2 yrs ago and fell in love, what is Koh Phangan like?


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Hey Bren631,

This is going to be my first trip to thailand so I can only speak on what i have heard from other travelers and the research i have done. Honestly for me the FMP looks just like a glorified party on the beach with a bunch of other tourist. Ill be traveling thailand for about a month and im traveling solo, so i thought it would be nice to meet people there that i could continue to travel with after New Years. I am not a big partier but its going to be New Years so im going to make the most of the time i will be there.

I heard about COCO from some other travelers who will be staying there during the same time I am so we thought it would be cool to all meet up and go out together. From what I have been told COCO for the price and location is the best deal on the island. Feel free to google them and check it out, it has a very laid back and secluded feel, and its close enough to the main party but far enough away you can escape the hoards of people.

My whole trip is based on what i read and hear from fellow travelers so i would love to hear any experiences that you have to share.


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Hey guys,

As I said before, Im gonna meet some friends in Koh Phangan for NYE...Ill try to make them book the flights ASAP and stay at the we all can make a pre-FMP drinking at the beach...hopefully close to the COCO.

At the moment I'm making a events/festivals calendar, andI'll improvise trying to go to all events & parties possible.

Before I said I'm landing on the 1st of nomber...but my flight says I'm landing on the12th of october, hehe!
On the 10th of november Id like to go to the Loi Kratong lantern festival in Chiang Im thinking of going to the north via Vietnam, and then to Chiang Mai, after that Lopburi monkey festival (close to Bangkok) on november the 24th...and then, improvising till NYE

This is just one of the 1000 ideas coming to my mind, so Im open to join anyone or anyone to join me!

Well, I hope to meet some of you over there!