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Hey evryone.Just in the early stages of planning my RTW trip.One question,do I go on my own or with a friend/girlfriend.I have been seeing a girl for a while but the idea of RTW travel does not appeal to her.Would you take your partner though or go it alone?Anyone got any advice or tips from previous experiences.

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I don't have experience as such, but I have been travelling for a while and it's always very straining on the old nerves. I don't think it would be good to go with somebody who's not totally convinced about the trip and just goes along to be with you. It could end in a split up and ruin the whole trip.
But that's me talking, a convinced lone traveller and parttime Misanthrope.

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Ah, this brings back memories ... one of the first arguments my now wife and me had was about this. Me still wanting to head off and do a RTW for two years, her being in a totally different place.... amazing we worked that one out (read, I gave in ) just kidding

Seriously though, I wouldn't go with someone if he/she is not totally on the same page. Travelling can be straining enough without having to worry about one more thing. If it's a life long dream and you can't come to a (better) solution together then maybe it's best to head out on your own. She could meet up with you in different places for example?



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If the RTW travel idea does not appeal to your girlfriend, then this is likely to be the issue she can bring up when you have some sort of falling out whilst travelling.

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Well why should you take with you some extra luggage when you will get plenty of it to pick around the way. Come on if it's RTW you'll meet up with enough new potential partners that would try convincing you to take them along instead of it been the other way around

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I had planned to go RTW on my own ("to find myself") but when I told my boyfriend he was hesitant about me going alone. I think his thoughts were that I would find someone else while away (insecure!). In the end he came with me.

Although he wasn't truly into the whole travel thing at first he's now the one that has been bitten by the travel bug and doesn't want to settle down back at home yet.

I'm back in Australia for some personal committments and even though he came back at the same time as me he's already gone back to Thailand and is heading to Oslo, Norway, tomorrow - 6 weeks ahead of me!