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Hi all,
I am planning to visit my boyfriend (meeting for the first time...*panics*) in Sydney, haven't booked anything yet so not sure when exactly but hopefully would leave UK in July or August at the latest. Would like to stay as long as possible but I don't have a lot of money saved :( so would need to find work quickly, within a month of getting there. Is there plenty work there or would I struggle to find it so quickly? (Took me over a year to find a job here after finishing uni, and it's only a cleaning job :-/ which explains the lack of moolah!) Are there ways of bettering my chances of finding work quickly?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)

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Unless you have special skills, finding any work there will be difficult. It also will be low paid, and you may have to work a month before you get your first pay packet. Ideally you should have enough for 3 months at least to get by on.

If you do an internet search for :

sydney work agencies

they may be able to help you get started and give you some idea of what to expect.

You could take a speed typing course before going.

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That's not true!!! I'm from sydney and I know for a fact you could get a waitress job within a few days if you really want it. Don't bother with job agencies they are a waste of time. Just look for jobs in restaurants in tourist areas which are always busy and you'll have a job in no time. I've been traveling for one year now and it's the same anywhere you go, If you want a job you'll get one.. Have fun in sydney, It's a great city..:)

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I found work in Sydney easily. Maybe I was just lucky, but within a week of getting there I had got myself a good, well paid office based job. I signed up for a couple of job agencies and they were great, I would in particular recommend Robert Walters and Metier. I honestly don't think you would have too much trouble getting work in Sydney - Australia has been pretty much untouched by the economic downturn that has hit Europe.

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I've heard from friends over there the work situation is pretty much as Steve79 said. As long as you put effort in (as with any job) and are not too specific in what you want to do, jobs should be alright to come by.

I'll be in a similar situation when I get out there - need and a job and some money to keep me going!

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Im going down there very soon. Will try my best to find a job quickly, so will just take whatever I can.