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1. Posted by Achillez (Budding Member 2 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi All

Im from the UK and im interested in going travelling for a while in SE Asia. Its not something I have ever done before, and just wanted some advise from experianced travellers.

Im looking to go on my own and will probably have a budget up to £4000. Looking to go for a few months maybe more. I dont intend to work abroad as I have no degree of any kind so getting a working visa would be an issue. I have no ties at present, and am looking to move out of my rented flat and put things in storage or sell and quit my job. I think I am maybe having an early mid life crisis at 30 and want to something a bit differant to the daily grind of boring uk life.

I would like to go to Singapore where my dad used to live in the army before I was born and see thailand and some neighbouring countries.

My auntie lives in Shanghai so would like to go there and possibly India as my dad and other relatives have been travelling there in the past and really enjoyed it

I just wanted advise off people generally who have gone it alone. Is it a wise thing to do? Safety reasons and Social reasons. Im not an overly outgoing person and sometimes like my own space so am concerned about meeting new people as I dont particully want a lonely experiance on my travels. Also looking after your passports, money and visas.

Also advise with Visas on how and when to apply.

Thanks in advance


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When you have the cash or the credit cards, the entire continent can be a theme park. With some common sense and basic social skills, you'll be better than fine.

I'm also having my 30's mid life crisis, on an extended run.

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Hi Pat,

If you can stick to living from a low budget, your money will carry you for a good 6 months (500gpb/month + return plane ticket + insurance).
If I were you - I would take the following route overland: China - Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore.
You don't really need to design all parts of the route. China will be the only place where you need to think/plan a bit to make sure that you get the fullest out. So, you could just post a separate thread on this forum with your planned timeframe and field of interest. The rest of the countries are fairly straight forward afterwards, and you will meet so many people on the roud who will give you advice.
Don't worry, you will have an excellent social life everywhere. You will actually make more friendships than ever before.
Safety: UK is a scary place compared to these countries...
Visas are simpler than one would think: China - get visa at home (you can still extend it, if you want by extra 1+1 months), Laos - visa on arrival, Thailand - no visa or visa on arrival or get it in Laos (depending on length of stay), Cambodia - get it in Thailand/Laos, Malaysia and Singapore - no visa.

Go for it and enjoy it!

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Hi Pat,

Good on you for looking into this. I have kinda dwelled over it for years and years and now I have got to the point where I cant put it off any longer. Im 31 years old and in mid October I will be jetting off. I will be going to SE Asia, OZ/New Zeland and South America although im nto sure what order yet lol. When you thinking of going?


5. Posted by Achillez (Budding Member 2 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Fairly soon I think. Maybe October, Im kind of easy going with it at the moment. I really should get the wheels in motion as I may just talk about it for months.

Ive been talking to a few friends about it and one is keen to come to thailand with me if I set off which will be a good start to things.

Not that interested in Australia too much, I think I can see alot in SE Asia plus alot cheaper no doubt.

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Well decision Achillez...

just some tips

If you fly to singapore be sure you have an exit of the country ticket..by the way Singapore its too perfect for me..i enjoy more chaotic enviroment..;)
In Bangkok worth to rent a house than staying in a hostel..around 100$ /month..if you need more info sent me a msg
In Cambodia hotels are really cheap 2-3$ /day..if you ll visit phnom penh stay near the colon bus station..not sure about the name though..

Just to mention also that if you arrive in Thailand by bus they give you only 15 days visa..and you need around 60€ to extend it..if you apply in an embassy its for free and it is for 30 days

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You can try China - Vietnam - Laos - Thailand - Singapore - Philippines or China - Laos - Cambodia - Thailand - Malaysia - Singapore, as kichikacha said.

About safety, locals are usually very friendly towards travelers. Yes, common sense will keep you out of trouble.

I'm traveling too and currently in Vientiane. I've met backpackers here who are taking the same route and they're very happy with their trip.

Accommodation: In Vientiane, there are many hostels in the city center, rooms can be as cheap as 7 USD. Standard price is 10 USD. I recommend Mixay Paradise Guesthouse, I stayed there when I first arrived here. They offer free, buffet breakfast so it's a good deal.

In Bangkok, the really cheap hostels can be found along Khao San Road. You can get a room for 150 baht or more. Rooms with decent shared bathrooms cost 300 baht with free breakfast and wifi. There are buses from Laos (Vientiane) which stop at Khao San Road so it won't be hard for you to find. You can always book buses that travel to neighboring countries, just ask at the tourist information offices.

About the Philippines, fly to Cebu not Manila. From there, there are lots of awesome places like beaches and dive sites you can go to at cheap prices. I recommend going to Palawan or Bohol from Cebu. I tell you the place and experience are worth the trip! Almost everyone speaks English too so going around won't be much of a problem, unlike my experience in Bangkok.

Laos visa on arrival - 35 USD; extension costs 3USD per day
Cambodia visa - get it in Thailand (Embassy) or in Laos (2-3 days processing)
You can go to the Tourist Information Center in Vientiane (Manthathoulad Road, Vientiane), they can apply the Cambodian visa for you.

Good luck!

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