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$5,000 to spend on HK, China, Thailand, Singapore, etc

Travel Forums Asia $5,000 to spend on HK, China, Thailand, Singapore, etc

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1. Posted by burea1124 (Budding Member 2 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!


I'm a 22 year-old Korean-American who just graduated from college and am planning my graduation trip with $5,000.
My first destination is Hong Kong where my girlfriend is.

Here's my A-list of places that I definitely want to visit:

Hong Kong
Thailand (Bangkok?)

If I have money, I hope to visit this B-list of places:


Q #1: How plausible is it for me to travel around these places with $5,000?
I hope to go clubbing for 1-2 days in HK, Beijing and Shanghai as well.

Q #2: I also want to go bungee jumping but Macau's tower's $300 bungee jumping experience seems over-priced to me ... any opinions? I feel like I can travel so much with $300 instead of just blowing it on a quick experience of bungee jumping.
Considering that I pay around $1300~$1500 for my flight from NY to HK, so I hope to have around $3,500 from HK.

Q #3: And can anybody tell me about Multi-city trip tickets? I hear they are a great way to fly to different places.

Q #4: Am I paying too much for hotel in Hong Kong, $100/night?

Thank you so much


2. Posted by Grabowsky (Budding Member 4 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Your idea looks nice and fantastic. I would like also to propose you should not miss visit East Africa countries. Are so beautifull and interesting things to be seen over there.
I was there several times by the way. Its nice to be there, especial Tanzania. Its lovely country.
Thanks and best regards

3. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1949 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

How long will your trip be? What time of the year will you fly?

Singapore, Hong Kong and probably China will be more expensive than Thailand. A hotel for $100 a night in Hong Kong or Singapore will be about half in Thailand. In Thailand a room with air, private toilet, TV and usually a refrigerator will start around 600 baht. For Thailand Phuket is the most expensive place to visit in that country, more expensive than Bangkok! Other cities than Phuket have cheaper local transportation and a variety of hotels at all prices.

If your budget will handle $100 a night hotel rooms then go for it! But for how long? If the price of your plane ticket is the same for Hong Kong and for Bangkok or KL keep in mind that once you are in Malaysia or Thailand you can reach other bordering countries by cheap bus or train travel.

The time of the year you travel will affect the cost of your plane tickets. Close to Christmas and New Years Eve (Chinese New Year too) will have the most expensive hotels. Maybe even the most expensive plane rides too if you are flying from the US.

Here is a place to Bungee jump in Thailand. All under a hundred bucks. I have never done this in Thailand! The date on this link advertises as being in 2011.

As a Korean American maybe visiting your old family homeland should be on the top of the list if you have never been there before.

One problem is that you have to fly to so many different places. Fly to Korea, fly to Hong Kong, fly to Singapore, etc. From Hong Kong a short half day trip to Macau is no big deal. There are ferry boats you can take from HK.

Usually a round trip flight costs less than two one way flights. If your intention was to fly to Hong Kong and fly home from a country other than HK - usually one way flights cost the same as a round trip. But in Asia you can fly between Bangkok and HK or HK to Singapore for cheap when compared to flying from the US. It may pay to fly back to your original arrival airport (HK?) for your ride back home.

I can tell you that backpackers with limited budgets visit Thailand, Laos and Cambodia all the time because even with their small budgets they can afford the holiday. Less so with Hong Kong, Singapore and KL. (Other places in Malaysia are more reasonable than KL.)

If your budget handles paying for $100 a night hotels plus local transportation for the amount of time you allow for your holiday - go for it! But remember that all countries are not the same for hotel pricing as Singapore and Hong Kong. Even in Hong Kong you can find some cheap hostels like the Chung King Mansion places. Your Hong Kong girlfriend ought to have a place cheaper than $100 per night to use. Last couple times I used the Panda Hotel. (Panda is a little out of the way but close to the MRT.) I booked the room in Bangkok at about 50% discount, off season, no holiday or weekend. Flew from BKK R/T. Flew to Singapore a couple times from BKK and used decent hotel with a big discount - booked the rooms in Bangkok, off season, mid week, etc. Return to BKK. Same for KL. Also used the train from Bangkok all the way to Singapore one time too. Stayed in the South East Asia Hotel Singapore one time no discount.

Unless you are leaving right away you have some time to sort things out.

Good luck.

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4. Posted by Angela36 (Budding Member 14 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

I am often on long business trips, especially around Asia. So I think for Singapore and Hong Kong you might need more money than for the rest. But about the hotel, try to look for special offers from your airline. Clubbing is in HK expensive, so calculate that. But still your calculation looks okay to me. And for everything else I agree to the advices of Karazyal. I hope you have a good trip :-)

5. Posted by madpoet (Respected Member 415 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

You could make your way overland from Singapore to northern China, and then take a ferry from Qingdao or Dalian to Incheon, South Korea. Trains- especially in China- are much cheaper than flying, so you'd save money, as well as seeing a lot of Asia.

Dalian, by the way, has a large Korean expat population. And nearby is Dandong, which is on the border of North Korea. You can take boat rides along the river which separates the two countries, and come quite close to the N. Korean side.