Help!! 36 year old first timer needs thailand advice,

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I'm a 36 year olf woman who has decided to 'go find herself' ( sorry for sounding lame. Ive just come out of a very long relationship so want to go and build up my confidence and basically get used to makeing new friends.) SOOO i thought go travelling!! I'm looking at Thailand and am not really looking at the party places, just lots of culture, beautiful beaches and sunsets. I have a budget of around 2k so wanted to get any advice from anyone who has done this? Thanks alot!! sx

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The passport you travel under will determine if you need a visa or not. From the US, Canada, UK, Oz and many European countries you can get a free Visa Exemption stamp in your passport, at the airport, good for 30 days entry. Your time in Thailand is limited by by your visa.

How long is 2k supposed to last? What 2k? US dollars, zlotys, UK pounds, Hong Kong dollars?

I don't think you can go too wrong with a visit to northern Thailand. From Chiang Mai you can easily visit Chiang Rai too. But don't skip Bangkok. Bangkok has a lot to offer. Local transportation is excellent and cheap compared to Western countries.

Some women "finding themselves" in Thailand immerse themselves into Buddhism, some go in for specialty spas with daily massages and/or colonics or special fasting. Some women go to Phuket to purchase male companionship like they do in Bali. But you can also probably find yourself visiting northern Thailand too!

All of Thailand has summertime type weather. You do not have to be at a beach to get a tan. Some times of the year with more heat or more rain than others. There is a high season and a low season for hotel pricing. High season is when it is cold in northern US and northern Europe.

Be careful of who you meet in Thailand. There are men who make their living off of lonely women tourists. In Thailand you can get tours through local travel agencies and there are many travel agencies in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Pattaya. Just because some areas of Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and even Chiang Mai are known for "partying" doesn't mean you have to party!

When and if you need hotel or hostel room recommendations also mention how much per night you want to spend each night. Plan a budget out and then figure how much per night you can afford for a room and ask for suggestions in that price range.

You will meet other tourists on local tours too. For Bangkok choose a hotel near the Skytrain route so you can you get around the city easy. I have met women traveling alone who are much older than you who feel safe and had a merry old time in Thailand. You too should have a nice time in Thailand.

Good luck.

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I'd get yourself to Bangkok, Kanchaburi, Lopburi, for a few days each, then to Chiang Mai, Pai and Mae Hong Son for a few weeks, (learn some Thai cooking, learn Thai massage, take some spa treatments) then head down south to the beaches.

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Hey rankin, I Am female 34 yrs, straight :d I am looking for friend for Thailand and interested in beaches, cultures. Let's chat!