Should my rucksack be flush against my back?

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1. Posted by elena (Budding Member 5 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I'm going away for a year (round the world, different climates so would like to take a sleeping bag) and want a 70 litre rucksack that opens all the way around. Trouble is, I'm a 5ft2 lady and I can't seem to find the right rucksack. I just bought one that, when adjusted, leaves a massive gap between my back and the rucksack - it doesn't feel right. Should the rucksack be flush against my back? Also, can anyone recommend a good female rucksack???

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without having one myself to be sure, i would say that it should sit close to your back. If there is a gap, that means that the majority of the weight of the bag is further away from your body. This would make it uncomfortable after a short time.

You want the bag as close to your body as possible so that you are supporting the weight with your legs (as the centre of gravity of you and your bag is more over your legs). I think that if it is sticking out more, it will pull your shoulders back and probably be rather uncomfortable.

I dont have any first hand experience with a backpack, but thats what i think the case would be. As you said, a purpose built bag for short females would help you out a lot.


3. Posted by elena (Budding Member 5 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Thanks! That's all i needed to know - very helpful!

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Don't you think maybe you need a smaller rucksack and take less. If your 5 feet 2 inches I have this vision of you falling backwards with the weight of it full. Or having to lean very far forwards and still falling. Either that or a very tired back. It might be a case of less is more, have a think about it. How would you lift it onto a high rack or onto the top bunk of a train if you rented one to seep on. They say the safest way to have your ruck sack on an overnight train is to sleep with it in your bunk. Would you be able to do that with the 70 ls. Anyway, good luck

5. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

This may sound really stupid, but before dismissing it for being too far from your back, have you tried filling it?? Try and fill it with either the things/equivalents you intend to pack (size/shape/weight), or failing that, just full of general stuff, preferably heavier than you envisage. Then try putting it on and walking around with it - get on and off buses/trains. Walk around town for a day, incluidng in and around a supermarket (narrow isles where you are trying to be careful and knock things over), climbing sveveral flights of stairs etc.
If it's still not looking good, then replace/exchange it if possible.
Some when empty or lightly filled would be flush against your bag, but when full are much better and means you don't end up being stabbed by errant objects in there...

6. Posted by elena (Budding Member 5 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

It's when it's full that it has a massive gap on my back. I've taken it back now anyway because it really did feel awkward. I've decided to keep searching (but this time for a slightly smaller one!). A few people have recommended the Karrimore global pro 50-70 lady's but it costs £149.99 and I didn't want to spend more than £100. If I find anything that works, i'll post the name of it on here to help out any fellow shorties!
Thanks for all your help and emails!!!

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Backpacks for females tend to have belts that are shaped to better fit the female form.

This usually means that the belt has shape that allows for wider hips, basically.

I don't understand how you bought one without having it fitted! Another critical adjustment is the 'torso' or the length of your back.Here is a web link < > then click on the series of links on that page under BACKPACKS.

You see a whole bunch of info on backpacks. It has laoding suggestions, etc.

Don't forget your < >. And take a few extra padlocks along, and a length of rope to tie it to a bus.

Remember it can be a wild world out there - if your bag is put on a roof-rack of a bus - tie it down AND lock it to RACK. If your pack is put in the 'belly' of a bus - secure it to something - people can often take the wrong bag 'accidently'.

Take a strip of linen (bedsheet) about 3-4" wide and 18" long; cut lengthways for about 6" and then tie it on your backpack and write your name on it.

Finally, get a backpackcover into which you place your BP when flying. Make it look dirty and old and then it will be less than attractive to thieves.

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