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hi guys. would be interesting to hear about peoples favourite travel experiences: favourite destinations, journey's, hostels, bars, clubs, tours, restaurants etc. anything that you really love to do with travelling. i figured it might make interesting reading for those of us that have nothing better to do than spend hours on travellerspoint, and also it might give people inspiration and ideas for further travels. cheers, joey

2. Posted by joey22 (Respected Member 561 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

i suppose i should really start it off!

my favourite country is australia because i went there when i was 18 and spent three wonderful months learning all about independent travel. i haven't looked back since then... i suppose you could say it was a life changing experience!

my favourite memory from the trip was seeing a koala bear in noosa national park!! it was just sitting in a tree, sleeping and it was so weird to actually see one in the wild. it was cool.

my favourite journey would have to be the day our 4wd drive broke down on fraser island just as the sun was setting and we had to walk for a mile in the dark to a campsite. we drank beer all the way, whilst carrying all the tents, food etc. and sang songs from the different countries we came from! it was fantastic!

favourite hostel would have to be sonnenhof backpackers villa in interlaken, switzerland. the staff were so helpful and informative, the beds were massive and really comfy, and it was so clean and well-equipped. they even had free postcards and you could drink the tapwater cos it came straight from the nearby mountains!!


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the nicest memories are those where everything was fine all together , the guesthouse and the village or town , sideseeing , the food and the people .
i must say that the best places were among some others in antigua ( guatemala ) , cesky krumlov ( czech republic ) , siem reap ( cambodia ) , neuschwanstein ( germany ) , lerici ( near genova - italy ) and on lombok island ( indonesia ) .
by the way : nice topic !

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mine was going to Santa Cruz Island (scorpion Bay i think) in CAlifornia.
the ferry ride from mainland to the island started off the trip in a dream-like quality...a very beautiful day, sun came out, brilliant after an overcast morning. my companion had just smoked a bowl as a cure for his seasickness and fear of boats. i was standing at the very prow of the ferry and we were zooming along...and then i heard a splash and a whoosh, and some clicking...looked over the side and my heart stopped. Dolphins! real live, wild dolphins!!!! my very very favorite childhood animal (it would be very like the same feeling of awe, wonder if i were to see a unicorn). i watched them jump and play and frolic alonside the ship, there had to be 20 or 30 of them. it was all i could do to keep from jumping over the side. after my awe wore off, i burst into tears, turned to my friend and sobbed and sobbed...sad b/c they had swam away, and thunderstruck and ecstatic to have actually seen such a beautiful symbol of freedom and love (that's what they are to me).
so with that event beginning the trip, it just kept getting better. we arrived in a place that was like heaven, just like paradise. a very unpopulated island (being a nature reserve) that they let a few people camp on, we were some of them. we hiked in to our campsite and set up, then went hiking around. it would take me hours to describe every wonderful thing i saw, but it was seriously paradise for me. beautiful rolling hills that dropped off to the ocean in steep hundreds-of-feet cliffs. me and my companion sat and silently watched the sun set over the ocean, so undescribably gorgeous.
and when we were walking, these two little butterflies were dancing with us...one would fly around him, one around me, then they would meet and dance in the middle between us, then they would individually circle us again, then meet again. it was one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen. i was half in love with the guy, so i was sure it was a sign from my guiding spirits, it was just like something out of a movie, a sign that this was my soulmate...to this day, i think that is the best trip/holiday i have ever had. it was like something i would only have dreamt possible, sharing such a beautiful place with a beautiful companion...Heaven!

sigh! thank you for letting me remeber that! i had forgotten the splendour!

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that sounds cool! do you have any travel plans for this year? joey