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1. Posted by dannyh91 (Budding Member 12 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Have been planning a rtw trip and just came across this great forum, and wondered if any one could share there knowledge and experience. I'm looking for some advice about money and how realistic my plans sound. i'd like to start my travels by seeing some of india, then to hong kong/korea/japan area. Then I was thinking i'd like to travel to vietnam and continue travelling over land through vietnam, cambodia into thailand, making my way to bangkok (if its realistic to cover those countries overland. anyone an idea of a rough cost for this?). from bangkok to fly over to perth and overland across australia to brisbane and sydney (to visit friends) from there to new zealand and then hop over to the west coast of the states and travel across the country (possible with autodrive which i've heard a lot of good things about), stopping in delaware/ new york kinda area to see relatives and back to london. before i go i'm going to do a TEFL course and try and pick up teaching jobs, tho i don't have a degree so don't know if its worth me trying to find teaching jobs?(was wondering if its possible to find many teaching jobs that simply provide room and board, and so need lesser qualified teachers, because i'd be happy to do that) also i'd like to earn some money from fruit picking in australia/ new zealand, to help restock my finances. My total budget will be about £7-8000, before paying for anything. I feel like i'm aiming a little big and should cut my trip back to fit my budget. though so difficult to decide what to remove, already cut malaysia/indonesia and all pacific islands from the trip, to make it more plausible. My very rough maths were £2000 travel costs, £3500 living expenses(averaging £20/day), £1500 additional activities and about 500 for visas/backpack/etc. i'd like the trip to last between 8-12 months. sorry this has turned into a very long post. thank you for taking the time to read the whole thing if you reached this far. and please be brutally honest if my plan is nonsense, on my budget, it's my ideal trip so obviously i'm gonna have to get realistic.

thanks and hope to hear from you

2. Posted by lil j (Travel Guru 1303 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Your not Dan Holland-as in Dan from Essex way are you?

Sorry totaly irrelevant to the question at hand-i do appologise!

3. Posted by dannyh91 (Budding Member 12 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

nope, sorry. cambridge, very near essex.

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hi dan. right im probably gonna forget most of your plans as i write this but here goes. i went to australia and new zealand before uni, so bear in mind that this was four years ago and prices might have gone up or down, i dont know. i spent about £2800 in three months travelling up the east coast of oz, sydney to cairns. that included hostels, food, loads of beer, and a oz experience jump on/off bus ticket (£135). i recommend you go with ozexperience if youre travelling solo cos there are loads of people to meet, and they drop you at hostels and pick you up from the door when you want to leave. very handy!! so £2500-£3000 for three months going up east coast. we literally went out at least four times a week on pretty big nights out so that could be a lot less if you dont drink so much! or a lot more... its up to you.

in a month in new zealand you could spend as little as £600 (i reckon??) or as much as you wanted. theres loads to do, ie bungy jumps, sky dives, shotover jet, you name it, its there! it depends what you want to do. i did the original bungy near queenstown and then tried to watch my dosh a bit after oz. i spent about £750-800 in amonth including a magic bus all new zealand ticket. hostels were about £5-8 a night in a dorm then. might be nearer a tenner now. hope that helps.

i'm currently planning a big trip to japan and south-east asia. my friend mike said that £500 would be plenty for a month in thailand, and maybe even less than that in laos and cambodia. vietnam is a little more expensive. i plan to spend a month in malaysia, two months in thailand, month in laos, month in vietnam and a month in cambodia. i reckon i'll have about £3000,and hope to have some left at the end. im also going to japan where i plan to buy a week long rail pass for about £150 unlimited use of all trains except super-fast bullet ones. then i reckon i'll need about £50 per day for food and hostel/cheapo hotles. its not cheap by all accounts. so maybe £400 for a week plus £150 railcard. im also going to bali which is very cheap i think. people have told me i'll neeed about a tenner a day, certainly no more than fifteen quid!! im going for two weeks with about £250 budgeted, including loads of booze and trinkets!!

america could be expensive, but you have relatives right? should be cheaper for you then.

ok, a few general tips for keeping the budget down:

.always stay in dorms
.cook for yourself... mainly in oz and nz.... nothing blows budgets more than eating out a lot
.drink local alcohol, not imported stuff
.shop around... there are always bargains to be found
.ask other travellers... you use this website so youre already doing that! no-one knows more than fellow travellers!
.do as the locals do

anyway, you reckon you'll have about £8000 before tickets, insurance etc. thats quite a lot of money to play with. go into an STA Travel office and tell them where you want to go, how long for in each place and how much money you actually have. they'll sort an amzing trip out for you i guarantee!! whatever happens youre gonna end up going travelling and its the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when are you gonna be going away? would be cool if our paths crossed in south-east asia or japan!! im planning on flying to japan at start of august, then heading to bali and then into malaysia, and then i'll be heading north. be in thaialnd around about october/november and then on into indochina!! be cool to hook up if youre in any of those places around then!

anyway, hope some of this helps. good luck with your planning, and have a great trip!

cheers, joey

5. Posted by lil j (Travel Guru 1303 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

hey Dan, ha! i was going to say-you've changed since school-if it was the Dan that i was talking about-phew!!

Wow Joey-just the sort of stuff i need to hear-about Oz-ta!