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1. Posted by noodles (First Time Poster 1 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi everyone! I am planning on moving to the UK in the very near future and I was hoping to get some much needed advice. I have made the decision to move, but I am a little stuck as to where I want to live. I noticed on a previous thread someone recommended Bournemouth. I was seriously considering Bournemouth anyway and was wondering if anyone else could throw in their 2 cents. I am Canadian and was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. Anyone who has been here and seen the Rockies may think it crazy to want to leave, but I plan on coming home in a year or two. My parents were both still British subjects when I was born so I should have no problem obtaining a British passport (no visas!) I do have family in England but staying with family kind of defeats the purpose of moving in the first place (in my mind anyway) but it's always an option. Those choices are Manchester, Lancing, Favesham, and somewhere in Wales.

A little about me.. I am VERY quickly approaching the big 30 and just have this feeling that I havent really lived yet. I am single (male) and I do not have the burden of a house nor would I be leaving an outstanding career. I do work for an airline so if anyone wants to go for a pint and show me around their fair city, I have no problem coming over for the weekend! Oh, I am also taking advice on which football club to support. My Dad is die hard Man U so I that's my team by association. When I do move I know to keep that quiet because I dont want to be strung up by my.... Anyway, any words of wisdom would be GREATLY appreciated! Cheers!

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There's a big difference between being "British Subjects", and being "British Citizens".

If they were born/naturalised in the UK, and retained citizenship when you were born you're laughing. If they were born in Canada before Canada became truly independent from the UK then you may not be very lucky.

Worst case scenario, being from a commonwealth country is you can get (probably) an ancestry visa which provides you with the right to abode in the UK and the ability to work. After four years you can get residency.

I'm personally doing exactly what you have described moving to the UK from Australia. I'm an Australian with an English born mother so I got my passport / citizenship by direct paternal decent. I'm actually going to live in London initially until I can find some workm or get inducted into a graduate program in my area of expertise (just finished a Double Degree in Computer Science and Information Management).

I come from a fairly small city in Australia so I'll probably want to get out of London as quickly as possible and go up north :)

Definitely though, I'll post back here anything I learn while over there.

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London is really expensive so you'll need a fair bit of money; the wages do reflect the area but be prepared for exrotianate prices to rent a flat/house.

I've never been to Bournemouth but yeah its supposed to be nice, warmer weather in the South too.

I live in Worcestershire. Really nice area, not too busy but as its in the Midlands most places aren't to far away. Birmingham 1/2 hour, Manchester and London 2 hours.

As for footy, you'll get slated being a Man U fan if you don't live in Manchester!!! Man U are the most hated side in England and they also have the most fans that do not live in the area. Dead hard to get tickets too. It's good to support your local team, most places will have a professional side quite close. Think Bournemouth are in the lower divisions but still it's a good expericence going to the games!!! Can't beat a Balti Pie and a Bovril at half-time either!!!

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I spent a long weekend in Bournemouth whilst living in the UK (London) for a few years.

Bournemouth seemed nice enough I suppose, although I'm not sure if there's any stand out reason on why you'd want to live there. I do recall there being an international airport close-by (Bournemouth airport?) and hence you can sort of live a non-city lifestyle whilst still have the ability to travel. This might work well with you being in the airline industry.

London is expensive, but so are most big cities in the world. It might be worth spending a bit of time in London to sort of get a "concentrated" taste of the UK. Jobs in London are aplenty, and of course the salaries are higher.

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noodles you should check out Brighton. It's particularly popular with Londoners who want a bit less stress and more fresh air... It looks pretty on the seaside too.

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brighton is supposed to be great-ive got to go and check it out!

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Start with London and move out if you want. AT least it's near Stanstead, Gatwick, Heathrow & City of London airport. Then you can move out and yes Brighton has a great scene though I've never experienced it. Good Luck