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Hi guys,

I am going to Istanbul this year for one week and would like to consider a side trip to Ephesus, which would mean passing by Izmir.
Can anyone tell me a little bit about transportation from Istanbul to Izmir? How long does the trip take by bus and how much will it cost (approximately)? Is there a website with timetables? Are there trains circulating between the two cities? Maybe anyone has also suggestions on travel by plane between the two cities (so far I have seen tickets for €90 but I am not really sure whether that would be a good deal).

Thanks for your advice!

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Try one of the Turkish LCC's like Pegasus - Turkish Air is full priced. I understand that luxury bus is the preferred way for locals to travel.

By the way, Turkey is in Europe!

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The €90 deal was actually from Pegasus. However, I am not sure whether I should consider this a good deal or rather pricy.

97% of Turkey are located in Asia, only 3% is in Europe. It is often considered part of the MENA states (Middle East and North Africa). That's why I chose the Africa & Middle-East forum. Anyways, feel free to move the thread if you think it is misplaced.


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Hi Filip,

these websites may help you: - just for indication, this is a company with good reputation

According to these, it would take app 10 hours and should cost you app TL 40-50 (EUR 15-20) one way.

You can always ask recommendation from your hostel/hotel in Istanbul about which bus company they'd recommend. Alternatively, you can go to the massive central bus station and look around which buses look the best and buy the ticket yourself.
We would always buy the tickets just one or two hours before departure and got on the first bus we liked. I am not sure about Istanbul, but elsewhere we could always negotiate the ticket price down by app 10-15%.
Ticket sellers may approach you to take you to their agent's desk, but you can be polite and firm and just keep going to where you want to... So, don't feel obliged to buy a ticket at the agent desk, just ask questions, go to the next one, until you find what is the best for you.

Buses in Turkey are probably some of the bests in the world. Some have wifi on board, own screen, free cafe/tea/drink/snacks. Overnight buses sometimes provide with blanket and pillow, just like on the airplanes.
Buses stop in every few hours for a quick break, when you can use toilet. Toilet usually costs TL 2 at the stations.

Have a comfortable trip!

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filip-e - You are so right! I keep forgetting that there is more to Turkey than just Istanbul.

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In my opinion price is good take the flight but if you insist on bus you can also benefit from their free shuttles into city center. And literally turkey is not european or asian it is sth totally different.

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