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I am graduating from college in May, and I gotten too many offers for jobs (in fact none). I've always wanted to travel and be a travel writer, but have yet to give myself the opportunity. So with nothing holding me back, I am thinking of taking a course to become a certified teacher in English as a foreign language in other countries.

has anyone ever tried this? is it a good move? I'm going to start at the end of the summer unless something better comes along. any advice?

thanks in advance

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If you have nothing holding you back, you should definitely do it. I am currently teaching English in Japan and loving it. I am using Japan as a base to travel to countries close by. In your case, the TESOL certificate will come in very handy if you want to move from country to country teaching English. Some countries and/or jobs, I think, tell you that you don't need a TESOL certificate, just a 4 year degree and experience teaching abroad. These differences in qualifications, of course, might affect the salary and quality of job you will be able to get so it doesn't hurt to get a certificate.
I think it would be a wise investment!

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Hi Delissa,

Do you mind me asking, what's the rate of pay like for teaching in Japan?


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The absolute minimum rate of pay according to the law for someone who has a 4 year degree is 250,000 yen per month(you can do the conversion). The 4 year degree will allow you to obtain a working visa if a company sponsors you. If you have no degree but from one of the countries eligible and under a certain age , you can obtain a working holiday visa really easily. On working holiday though, the pay is much lower.
Living in Japan is expensive, especially if you live around Tokyo so at times it can be hard to save. I, somehow, have been able to save quite a bit because traveling is my mission. It all depends on the person, I guess, and their apending habits.

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The JET Programme (Japan English Teachers) is a great way to teach in Japan and earn decent money at the same time. They pay around 3,600,000 JPY (US$34,000) for a one year contract.

You must have a 4-year degree, as i see you do, to be eligible and I think you must have a certain nationality (maybe only american...?) check their website

I thought of doing the teaching thing a lot myself after i graduated, but i wanted to teach in Europe, which for americans can be quite difficult with the EU working visas. However, one can apply to be a teachers assistant through the French Embassy here in D.C. which i have done. now i'm just waiting to hear! if anyone is interested in teaching in France here is the website for that...

It took me a long time to find this opportunity so i wouldn't want anyone else to have to search like i did. i do believe teachers assisntant positions are available for most EU countries - great for americans!

Best of luck to you,

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Oh, and for anyone interested...
French language assistants make about 740€ after taxes and you must be 20 - 34 years old.

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per month