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We have a leased car leased from a car comapny. We're about two months late in payment, and they came downstairs asking where we are and saying that they'll call police.

At this point, for us, money is kinda tight right now, so what do you think they'll do?
1) Would they really call police?
2) If not, what other options do they have? (tow? beat us up?)

P.S. my friend also suggested to return the car and tell them he's leaving the country (easy for visitors). Either they can get the car, let us sign the paper saying that we do not owe any money. If not, we'll leave the car somewhere and just leave.

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Hmm, I don't get it. What does this have to do with a travel forum?

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Good question...

I'm tempted to tell you, Surrender, that signing your lease makes you liable for your payments. The lease should stipulate your late fees. As to whether or not the car dealership (because I assume it's not a short rental, but a long-term lease) will call the police is up to them. But they will do everything they can to get their money. So it goes.