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1. Posted by jooaannnnee (Budding Member 7 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

I am going travelling for 2 months in S.E Asia then off to Australia for at least a year.

I am looking to get suncream to take to Asia with me, but I am wondering what's the best amount to take? I will be using the all day stuff so won't need as much. However, I was wondering should I take two weeks/three weeks supply or try and stock up for the whole two months in Asia as I have heard it is very expensive to buy over there?



2. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3956 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

I wouldn't take any more than one bottle as it will be a pain to carry around any more than that. I don't recall sunscreen being particularly expensive in SE Asia but I might be wrong.

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Sun cream is easy to buy in a number of countries in Asia in pharmacies like Boots, Watsons and the like.

I have been in hot countries for months at a time and don't use it. I suspect that it can play a part in cancers as in many chemicals with the addition of heat. You don't find people who spend all their time living in those countries under a hot sun developing skin cancers.

Though you often can't avoid going out in the sun, you can avoid sun bathing and such. At best a sun cream will merely limit UV damage to your skin cells.

Do wear reasonable quality sun glasses to protect your eyes.

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Suggesting you don't need to worry too much about sun protection is just irresponsible. People who live in hot countries and have darker skin have more protective melanin, which is why they are safer, but still not immune. If your skin is not used to such exposure, you are at increased risk of significant skin changes leading to skin cancer (which may trouble you many years later). It's right to say sun cream will only protect you to some extent, so avoiding spending so much time in the sun as to allow your skin to get burned is key.

Take a higher factor the longer you plan to be in the sun!

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Don't worry too much about this. You may bring just 1 bottle of it for your convenience. It easy to find suncream in Asia shop like pharmacies,super market,market or convenience stores and the price isn't that bad. Anyway, it depend on which country you are going to and due to the cost of living there and "brand" but in my opinion especially country in SE asia,price is ok and varieties of brands also.

Hope you enjoy for your trip!

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Just take one bottle with you and buy once your there. They sell it everywhere and be sure to buy the named products, such as Nivea. Dont buy the cheaper unamed products, as I had friends who did this in Loas, and by the evening they were very burnt! So basically it had no protection. You will be fine with the Nivea suncream, though, Im fair skinned and did not burnt at all.

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No problem picking up sun protection in Thailand and other countries in this part of Asia.

Just remember to put this sunscreen solution in your checked in bag. If you take it on the plane in your carry on bag it could be confiscated.

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keefster. I have been taking winter holidays in the sun for over 30 years and been to places like Tunisia where a few hours in the desert meant I got back on the coach with a noticeably darker skin. The same on Lake Toba in Sumatra. I spent five weeks wandering around in Egypt, often under a very hot sun and two lots of 7 weeks wandering around India, where in one place it was so hot that after a few minutes on a station platform the heat burnt through the soles of my plimsolls (and socks) forcing me to get back on the train, as well as getting roasted wandering along beaches in Goa and Kerala.

And I still have good skin without any signs of skin cancer (I do know what to look for).

As with a cigarette, when it is lit, some 4,000 chemicals are produced from the burning tobacco, so when you put a toxic sludge on your skin in the belief that it will protect you, it too releases many different chemicals as the UV and heat acts on it.

A few of many sites on the matter:

There is also:

UVB is known to cause sunburn and skin cancer, so sun creams were originally designed to block out only the UVB. We now know that UVA can also cause skin cancer and, these days, some sun creams block out a lot of UVA as well as UVB. However, the main concern is that, because sun creams prevent burning, they make people think they can spend much longer in the sun, which will definitely increase their risk of getting skin cancer.

Without sun cream your skin will let you know when you have had enough sun.