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I graduated May 04, with an AAS degree in Health Information Technology. (coding, medical records tech. ect.)
I am very frustrated! I have been searching for a job since that time last year. I have had several interviews, get excited thinking "Ok, I might get this one". But, I end up getting a letter or a phone call saying, "We found someone with more experience".
This is really driving me crazy.
How can I get a job without experience? How am I going to get experience if no one will give me a chance?
My husband is also concerned. He does the bills and without me working we are really hurting for money. I am not ellegable for unemployment benefits cause I used all that up during school.
I've asked some of the interviewers if they have any tips for me for interviewing or for my resume. They have all said "You did just fine".
So what can I do? 2 years of schooling, sending resumes out every week getting on average 1 to 2 interviews a week. I just don't have the EXPERIENCE.
Now I'm afraid that I'm giving the impression that I'm desperate. I am. HELP


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I have the opposite problem to you, I have loads of experience in my field but not enough qualifications, I was told by a recruitment agency that if you are missing either experience or qualifications that you should look for a job related to what you want to do that is slightly lower down the chain and work your way up...... are you applying directly to companies or through agencies ?

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although you say money is tight, if you cannot get any jobs that you are applying for, maybe do a little period of work experience for free, then you can gain the experience you need?? then after you may get work??
However, I am saying that in a biased way as I do not have responsibilities as you do.

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It is a viscious circle, indeed. I tried for almost a year to get some kind of writing job after I graduated, and during that time I worked full-time in the hotel job that got me through school. I finally found this terrible little under-paid job as a kind of marketing assistant/ad writer/girl Friday in a sleezy little correspondence school (note to all - always take correspondence courses through an accredited institution!!).

Anyhow, despite the god-awful year and a bit I was there, it was putting that down on my CV that finally got me into a "real" agency. Even then, I started from the bottom - making not very much and working the small, tedious jobs. Over time, you find small ways to shine and get noticed.

But it is a long, long process to get to where you want to be. Don't give up hope! Keep trying, you'll be surprised where life takes you.

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I definately understand the situation. Although I got something a few months after graduation, it was something I didn't want but took it anyways. I've always wanted to work as a news reporter, but the station I work at now had an opening for a fill-in traffic girl. Meaning no income unless they called me....and they only did once in the month and a half I was working in traffic. Then they had an opening for an overnight newsreader, one night a week. I snapped that up because it was in news and then got a reporter gig after three months. I'm still paying my dues now because I'm not full-time yet, and they call me to come in when I'm not working (so it's wired hours, but great experience). Luck had a lot to do with it, but if my foot wasn't already in the door with the traffic thing, I wouldn't have heard about these jobs, or been asked to do them. Plus I wouldn't even have gotten the traffic gig if I hadn't interned at the station first.

All this babble is to say a few things:

  • I definately agree with others here about offering to do an internship or shadow someone...it looks great on a C.V. and can give yuo a one-up on jobs in the company. Plus you can make contacts with people in your field;
  • Take whatever you can get if it's remotely close to your field. Even if there may not be oppurtunity to move up in the company, you can count it as experience;
  • Maybe in the mean time while looking for a job, find something - anything - to pay the bills. If it's a part-time thing, it will give you time to set up interviews on your days off, and you can help your husband out with the financial stuff.

I hope I helped a little bit, and don't worry, you'll get that job sooner or later! :)

Katie ;)