Where to go next? Australia or South America from Thailand?

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I need some advice...im about 3 months in on a years work sabbatical from the UK. Bit of background info - although they've given me a year out they've also said that they might not be able to keep my job open (a lot of job cuts are happening there at the moment) so I just paid for one-way tickets. UK to Bali, Bali to Bangkok, then did the whole Cambodia through Vietnam through Laos and Wednesday I'll be back in Bangkok then heading north then back down south to the islands for some much needed rest :)

Now - im a bit lost as my last flight is from Singapore to Darwin Australia and as I haven't travelled before - worked through my whole 20's etc - I know when I get to Australia I'll need to work to help support myself whilst travelling at it's so expensive over there. I'm kind of not ready to get back into work straight away and I have some savings left and I've been toying with the idea of going to South America first (I've heard it's cheaper than Oz) then when the savings get low maybe then go to Australia with my years working visa. Im also going to Australia to see if it's possible to get some professional work over there - but I just want to see what happens? So for example; if I get offered a full-time job in my field - I don't want to have travelled for 3 months, be in a full-time job wishing I'd carried on travelling to South America...I know - this is a lot of what if's. I may even get to Australia and not like it, not get a job then it's no problem I'll carry onto New Zealand and go to South America from there...

The thing is..I look at this as being my first/only/maybe last chance to get to do this and with the savings I have (took me 8 years to save and get the courage) I just don't want to regret or miss out on anything :)

Any kind feedback would be much appreciated!