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Im 31 and have had approved already a years working visa for Australia - for this year. I'm 3 months into travelling (currently in Asia) and I've decided I want to save my year visa and would like to try and get a 3 month visa to land and travel a bit in Australia (down the west side) - get to NZ and carry on to South America, then come back to Australia and then use my one year visa with a view to try and get a professional job.

Does anyone know if you can apply for more than one visa? Also as I've now just turned 31 is it too late?

Thanks for any advice

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I'm no expert but the working holiday visa is for 18-30, but you are able to apply for it and enter Australia if you're 31. You can apply to cancel your working holiday visa (you wont get a refund) and enter australia on a tourist visa, but I wouldn't think you'd be able to reapply now that you are 31.

The australian immigration site is really useful for this sort of thing. This is lifted from their site: You must have turned 18, but not turned 31, at the time of your visa application.

My husband and I are in Australia at the moment on a working holiday visa, we wish we'd done the travelling first before getting here as now we'd quite like to stay and pursue permanent visa options. The original plan was to stay a year and then do travelling but it might not happen that way!

Do you have a skill that is on the skills list for permanent residency? That will make it easier to get a job once you are here.


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Hi Nicola

Bugger! Yes that could easily also be my situation - my friend from London is there at the moment, managed to travel through Asia but also regrets not travelling more as she's being sponsored now and is in a good job.

STA are looking into it for me - I think it could have been o...k but I've just turned 31 so may be too late, bugger, bugger, bugger - otherwise STA are looking at re-routing my flights from Singapore - Dubai and then get to South America as I still have my one year Australian visa which I can use after South America. Decisions, decisions....

Thanks for buzzing me back!

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Oh - er no, don't think I am on the skills list. I'm on a whim and a prayer, but my friends in Marketing and believes I can get work there anyway? :)

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Having a skill on the skills list is only really relevant if you're trying to go there on a regular work visa. It does indicate demand, but generally people on a WHV do okay finding work no matter what.

And yeah, unfortunately (as far as I'm aware) there's no way not to let the visa start as soon as you enter Australia, so rerouting flights would be your best bet. Just be certain to actually enter Australia within one year of the WHV having been granted.

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Thanks Sander - yeah im now looking into changing my route and getting to South America first then Australia. Fingers crossed....